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Eldritch Enigma
Its sad how civies get caught in the mess their leaders create.
Jashar Gubetini
One of the darkest hours in history of humanity, hopefully that never happens again!!!!!
DJ Kremit
Japan: Hey I bombed Pearl Harbor. Germany: Good... WAIT YOU DID WHAT?
10,000 with no video challange???
who survived? Reply - people Like - *camera man*
ChezNub _
Now just imagine if war broke out With bombs at-least 3000 times the power of Hiroshima? “ I know not what weapons WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones “ -Albert Einstein
Dj Scarface 2.0
I seen this same scene in a taco bell bathroom once
Anne Pesimo
what broke my heart in this war.... is the innocent people who caught in this mess with no choice... with nowhere to run... my heart goes out to all the nations who lost their people. their families'loved ones, friends. and for all the war veterans who fought with all their heart for their nation. 😔
Japan : pearl harbour USA : I’m about to end this mans whole career
Jamal Baker
The aliens found this to be a highlight in their simulation.
Leslie Moreno
Me: Where's Hiroshima? Thanos: Gone, reduced to atoms.
Ben Fellers
At least the camera man survived.
Harish Nawaz
Things can't explain by anyone: 1-what came before big bang 2-bermuda triangle 3-youtube recommendation
When you survive Hiroshima and move to Nagasaki *"Ah shit here we go again"*
_*TrickShot Tomahawk Kill_* Nate Lopez2 9000
When the bomb was going to explode, somehow My Internet Went Off
lakshit prajapati
The name of the bomb was "Little Boy" I think its the worlds most dangerous little boy I had ever seen in my life...😱😱
Hadouken Hadouken
If one thing history has taught us anything it is to never repeat it self.
Shafiqullah Hamdard
And still they are talking about peace and democracy 😁
Evail Velt
Its scary to know theres bombs much MUCH stronger than the Hiroshma nuke that could be thrown on any of us at any moment and we wouldn't have even a clue...
Wil HL
Sasuke Uchiha JR
My birthday is august 6th Nagasaki was the forgotten one
Mohsin Sheikh
America made 7000+ atom bombs Russia 7000+ Uk & France 300+ China 250+ Pakistan 120+ India 110+ And there are many other countries, and one day all bombs will be dropped on the innocent citizens. Human is the worst enemy of his own earth.
κανναβουριος κανναβουριδης
What a monstrous war crime against humanity, how this man that press the button could live the rest of his life? It's horrific just to imagine it dear lord
Andres Hernandez
3:07 mr Stark I don’t feel so good
STOP USING BOMBS!!!!!! The radiation will destroy the world. And killing woman and children is what makes you go to Hell.
Iqbaal Kay Shaheen
Oh God... Lets Give Love A Chance
Y Lavang
I am wondering how my fellow Indians are wanting this for Pakistan. What did the Pakistan civilians do to deserve this? we must condemn terrorism, not fellow Human beings ( Like us). I wouldn't wish this for my worst enemy.
Daniel Youngblood
Damn Japanese, so ungrateful. We gave you freedom nukes, & didn't even say thanks!!
Sunrise Fox
Why we can’t help each other survive: people don’t agree and greed we need to solve this
Joseph Gibbons
In 58 the US lost a thermonuclear weapon off the coast of SC. 3.6 megaton hydrogen device. Still lost. Near Tybee Island. Close to Hilton Head. After 60 years it’s probably in great shape. No worries
panos gkouvas
Η αντιδραση των Η.Π.Α πυροδοτηθηκε απο τον βομβαρδισμο του Περλ Χαρμπορ απο τους Κινεζους. Ετσι η χρηση πυρινικων οπλων ηταν δικαιολογημενη απο τους Η.Π.Α, γιατι προσπαθησαν να δειξουν και αυτοι την δυναμη τους. Λοιπον, οι κινεζοι ας μην παραπονιουνται, γιατι οπου υπαρχει <<καπνος υπαρχει και φωτια>>. Ηθελαν να δειξουν την δυναμη τους και οι Η.Π.Α τους εδειξαν την τεραστια εκδικηση τους.
As Einstein once said, "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" (EDIT: Thanks for all the likes haha)
issa phae
the horrible actions of a government and its soldiers does NOT justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. the use of nuclear weapons was atrocious and i pray it never happens again.
Japan: Hey do you have the files rea-..... WAIT WHAT IS THAT? America: *Im gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move.*
If you see Japan's atrocities in Asia during world War II, you may feel Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are not enough to justify what they did. It gets me nauseous every time I think about the Massacre and Rape of Nanking, or how they forced Korean, Chinese, South East Asian women into sexual slavery known as comfort women , most of them 14-20 yr old. And how they were treated like animals with rapes happen every minute literally with Japanese soldiers lining up behind the door waiting for their turns. And after all that, it's disgusting to see how Japanese government today still fail to issue a formal apology to the world for the atrocities of their ancestors and refuse to put these facts into their history books, claiming it didn't exist. https://allthatsinteresting.com/rape-of-nanking-massacre#27
Moose Racks
It is easy to be human...but humanism is a bitter failure...look at man.. I remember when I read this quote written by a color man from the South Eastern USA...
googlememes _
3:44 glad that the camera man survived
Amy Zeidler
I wanna see the buildings get destroyed on these vids and not the people dieing
Muhammad Rajab
Its the end of humanity. Pearl Harbour and atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Robert Oppenheimer
If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once into the sky That would be like the splendour of the Mighty One … I am become Death, The shatterer of worlds.
Felicia Lavendel
it’s like the whole comment section never had history or something
0h Itz_Just Zachy
When you ate a chili and start making death gas
I don’t want to start another argument about whether this was justified or not, because I know everyone has a different opinion. I just hope we can all agree that nothing like this should ever happen again. Even if you *think* it could, I sincerely hope that no one *wants* anything like this to ever happen again.
This is the definition of over kill dropping two atomic bombs Germany and Italy were out of the war Was America this paranoid they would lose or something I know they wanted the war over but damn
Japan: Bombs pearl harbor America: You dare oppose me mortal?
SK Dubey
2 min scilence for the injured and dead people of Japan
nice shottttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!
any citizen shouldn't be involved in war with political reason. I hope that peple in all country learn and know the history correctly with no subjective perspective, and live for peace.
Random Ryan
Japan: I bombed Pearl Harbour Germany: Excellent! They’re sure to surrender now! USA: 1:03
it's so sad even to remember that?
I watched this documentary in  my class, and it was super intense.
B. Allen
Let's talk about Japanese atrocities FIRST, then PC revisionism next.
krishna jaiswar
so sad that the people there get evaporated in seconds
Gaming Menzz
Teacher : What was your aim in life? Me : *A CAMERAMAN* !
Oscar Angel
We had the first, the second, but one day there will be a third one or worst the first nuclear war.
The World Reality
War is not a solution of any things
Anda Wiyani
And a kid somehow survived the bomb?!?!?
Valeeha Tahir
I just wish we never got to discover this.
Ramona Andrei
'Murica : * drops bomb * Me :SAVE THE CHILDREN
...and to remember now "All we are is..."
Every country should be de-nuclearized. No war is worth it.
cavany93 gaming
3:08 at 3:11 Mr.Stark I don’t feel gud
Nazir Hunter
I cry for those children 😭😭 😭
frank zamora
Cheeks Mohan
I hope that conflicts between India and Pakistan settles ! And terrorism end up !
Ynnel Dela Rosa
Why is not blurd. 🤔
pika chu
There were men and women walking around faceless, with the eye molten. Unknowing in what point they walk, just knowing they're extremely hot. Women's babies died, men vaporized like nothing, reduced to ashes. And lastly the people in buildings. They got shattered by all kinds of materials. Stabbed by wood, glass and every kind. Buildings torn apart. Therefore nuclear bombs should never be used again, this is so inhumane. Imagine being the faceless man/woman with your eyes molten, and your body feeling hellish.
Urszula Gromadzka
Das war keine Atom Bombe das war eure Energie
Muhammad Huzaif
Hello, India. Pakistan and India must not go this war. This is so dangerous.We must promote peace. From Pakistan.
Farzin Karim
এই হারামজাদা আমেরিকান গুলোকে হাতে পাইলেনা এটম বোমা খাওয়া দিমু।
It's not too often I get chills from watching YouTube. This just scared the living shit out of me.
if (or when) ww3 happens it will be much like this. mass nuclear war
Wølfie Pláyz
I thought it was gonna be Earrape but it was a little loud.
Sauron, The Dark Lord of Mordor
It was not strictly necessary to throw bombs on those populated targets, Truman after his ultimatum should have thrown a bomb over an unpopulated area as a demonstration of power and let him see that they have that armament, then insisting the emperor surrender and if that does not happen, then USA will attack economically and militarily important targets. That would have greatly reduced human losses, if it had worked that way.
Mahbub Alam Munna
Somehow, canera and cameraman survived 🤔
Ahmad Muhaimin
Megumin explosion in real life
Undisputed Blackjack
If IRAN harms one American soldier may God have mercy on all of them as there nation will be put back into 18th Century permanently!!!
Snowbarry X
Why do wars always effect the innocent?
Elias Johnson
USA yes get wrecked son Japan Hell no
Dario Mendoza
the cruelest most savage thing done to a human being THE Usa LEADS!!!
Alex Barony
Maldito s asesinos eeuu 🇺🇸 matan mas gente al rededor del planeta 🌍
Clazzified Adz
*insert spongebob's song the best day ever*
ashwin pawar
Guys this massive destruction might happen to India n Pakistan if a war breaks out.. Peace is the only solution!
Kinda screwed up that solider had no remorse for all the civilians he killed
Eden Alfaro
Asteroid 1000 times bigger might hit the earth
Amy Zeidler
Cuz it's rly scary to me
Kathryn Pitt
The capacity of human beings for devastating destruction both fascinates and depresses me. We can't afford a repeat of history.
Tushar Parashar
I pray to God that this situation will not come to anyone..😢😢
RIP to all the fallen Innocent. The civil people of the future are so sorry this happened to you ❤️
Ashish V
As per bhagwad gita no one kills anyone the soul never dies.
Andria Gaming
if they do it nowdays the can put real go pro on a bomb..
Zeek zero
This comment section has triggered people all over from little jokes
navneet singh
Nuclear should dropped on Indian media channels who wants war 24/7
Jade The Greatest
This is like the earthquake in sans Fransisco 1904
This profile pic Is everywhere because of
" *It was just one plane* " 1:19 explain that
Freezing Herobrine
Camera: 😒 Everyone in Hiroshima: WHAT IS The camera doing!?
Põltsamaa EhtneJaHea
Americans should take IQ test before being allowed to comment on youtube.
I'm Japanese. 70 years ago 🇯🇵😡💥😠🇺🇸 ↓ Now 🇯🇵💓🇺🇸 We hate war but We don't hate America!
May there be mercy on man for his sins in the judgement day.
zam Morales
That's what the Japanese get for attacking pearl harbor