Evanescence - Lost in Paradise (Lyric Video)

Music video by Evanescence performing Lost in Paradise (Lyrics Video). (P) 2012 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Wind-Up Records, LLC under exclusive licence to EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG

occupation: the family disappointment
i wonder what we as a human race have done to deserve this amazing song’s existence
Anyone else having an Evanescence marathon?
Evanescence and Linkin park are the best bands ever and forever
Justin Space
Amy Lee sings better than Adele!
Susana Epifânia
The best Evanescence's songs: 1º My Immortal 2º Lost in Paradise 3º Hello 4º Lithium 5º Going Under 6º Good Enough  7º  Bring Me To Life 8º My Heart is Broken These are my favorite songs!
Hannah Hazel
I've been believing in something so distant As if I was human And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness In me, in me All the promises I made Just to let you down You believed in me, but I'm broken I have nothing left And all I feel is this cruel wanting We've been falling for all this time And now I'm lost in paradise As much as I'd like the past not to exist It still does And as much as I'd like to feel like I belong here I'm just as scared as you I have nothing left And all I feel is this cruel wanting We've been falling for all this time And now I'm lost in paradise Run away, run away One day we won't feel this pain anymore Take it all away Shadows of you Cause they won't let me go Until I have nothing left And all I feel is this cruel wanting We've been falling for all this time And now I'm lost in paradise Alone, and lost in paradise
Júlia Maciel
Studies show that these 868 people who gave dislike, have serious mental problems...
Tamara Jančić
Every time... Every damn time this song makes me cry. Doesn`t matter in which mood I am, every time...
LPS Courageous
Anyone else miss music like this?
İrem Gülerli
Amy lee knows how to make music. I'm missing 'EVANESCENCE' so much.
her voice is the real paradise
Sam luk
Amy Lee's voice is amazing. After finding her voice on Youtube, I find myself addicted. Incredible music.
She is one of the very few singers whom can break goose bumps across my skin just by holding a certain note.
Lary S
This song has so much emotion in it, its unbelivable. When I hear this song I not only feel what she sings but also feel that its going on much longer then it actually does. Thank you Amy. Your a amazing singer.
Emma Stratford
Is it wierd that Evanescence is still my favourite band?
"One day we wont feel this pain anymore" ~Amy Lee~
I won't be one of those who writes out his or her pain on the internet, but this song... each and every time the words "alone and lost in paradise" hit the spot. Also the music is mesmerizing.
Zen Rahman
The ending..."alone, lost in paradise"
Of course loving the song but dang I'm totally hypnotized by the bouncing ball of energy in the video clip. very awesomely done
Nunmawia Khawlhring
i wish there is a beautiful like sadly magical music video for this song.. its my favorite...
David Datura
Prettiest 'lyric video' I've seen and the song's very good too (their best IMO) should of been in HD though...its rather blurry.
Nemo Nobody
I started to listen to Evanescence years ago when I was living the worst part of my life. When I listened to their songs, I thought it was comforting to know that I was not the only one to feel that way. When I started to see the interviews of Amy Lee, I noticed how positive and happy she was so I confused that how can a positive and always smiling person write such depressive songs. Now I realize that no matter how bad I feel, I should keep my mind positive. That was what Amy tried to show. She is the biggest inspiration for me and no matter how many bands I discover day by day, Evanescence is the only band I go back to in the end.
When she gets to "Run away" it destroys my feelings help
Sandra M
One of the most beautiful song ever
Ola D
This song is near to my soul ❤️
Annette Tepoz
I can never stop listening to this beautiful song, thank Evanescence
Justin Mcleod
I want them to come back :(
All the promises I made, just to let you down. You believed in me but IIIIIIIMMM BROKEN!!! jesus christ that's the best part 😭😂😂
Shannon Benton
...I regret all my choices in life like self harm and attempted scuicide...
Ashley Hester
Aww I love Amy Lee she is such a deep singer and beautiful :) <3
Amberlabamba x
Heres an interesting fact she sings all of her song in chest voice rather than the high notes being in head voice (unless you a singer you might not get this) this is very hard to do making her so incredible and unique........
miss your songs amy 😔 please comeback. all your songs are filled with emotionals and it describe the pain in every one who getting hurt in this life 😔 i only when I'm sad or if life crash me down . there's no one help me like u so i just come to u and listen😔 pleas comeback
sel young
This song really hits me.
Chris Dooley
I cry every time I'm alone and listening to this. Her voice, the melody, the words, something about it makes me reflect on stuff I'd rather not :/
sihem osmani
Angel voice she's coming from a fantasy world
The violin, piano and cello all together make this sound so haunting and ethreal, and then the drums and bass kick in and...pure magic. I love this song immensely. Anytime Amy sings, whatever she sings, always a magically emotional journey.
savannah wright
How can people dislike this
Perniagaan Rita
_i wish they re-release the song with good promotion and official MV, got so much potential seriously_
Adam Gmurkowski
The one from my favourite songs of Evanescence. For me the best rockband forever.
Ivan Chea
I cry everytime I listen to this song. So good.
Trev Rocks lml
My favourite band forever, no matter if I take ten years without listening Evanescence, when I listen after a while it's like the first time. The first time I loved it and it will be forever. Evfan ♥
R.I.P. to all of those innocent people who died in France from those terrorists who deserve to rot in hell forever
For some reason the feel and the lyrics don't match. The sound is so hopeful but the lyrics are so dark. Or maybe I feel this way because it's 4 am.
Videl briefs ブリーフ 
im here to cleanse my innocence after my friends decided to force me to watch 'annaconda' ....
Lo L
Esta canción me hace llorar😢💔
this song is making me cry....like 4real im crying on the inside n out its like im reflecting myself in the past by looking in the mirror n now I cnt stop crying cuz of the past
R.I.P. Kenny Baker aka R2D2 1934 - 2016 you will be missed.
Little Daisy
and all i feel is this cruel wanting
Eric Champlin
1. My Heart is Broken  2. Lost in Paradise 3. My Immortal My personal favorite Evanescence songs. What are your Top 3?
No Different
the intro is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry.. the whole song is so beautiful it made me cry T-T
It's insane how much I love this song, it's my favorite one ♡(ㅠ.ㅠ)
Dayane Pereira
Esse vídeo me dá uma paz incrível
Nimeriel Kasuga
Beautiful song... Amy Lee you are the best!!! :)
Iris x
At 3:20 i start crying
Confused Sky
This is such a beautiful song. How come 1,457 people can't understand that?
Daya Z
essa voz arrepia ate a alma e nessa musica ainda fica mais que perfeita....
Came to listen to The Secret Door, and suddenly I'm almost 2 hours later into an impromptu Evanescence marathon and I've watched/listened to this hypnotic video about six times already!
Paula Saldaño
a masterpiece
Marc Meyer
i realy like the fx background
Alba Yerga
i love this song so much. it's so honest and beautiful...❤
Soldats Les
My personal favorite Evanescence songs. What are your Top 3? THE ONLY ONE LOST IN PARADISE YOU START
Mario Losberg
My song, but only i'm not lost in paradise,i'm lost in this cruell world.. :(( for my ex..
marco brenni
MASTERPIECE !! An astonishing hypnotic-metaphysical song. Amy has a powerful, perfect voice expressing strong feelings and Evanescence are a highly gifted music band with some romantic-gothic style. Also this awesome video matches perfectly to the disquieting desperate music and voice. Only a genius could compose and arrange this song so fully. Feeling "ALONE lost in Paradise" (a metaphor) ) must be an horrible-unsustainable situation. In my opinion this is their best song and also worldwidly, one of the best song ever - far beyond of common pop-folk music : this is real ART !
Nthamari Baimpwi
i cant have enough of this song.
Jane Valentine
recordare esta musica por siempre,dicen que amy lee estara trabajando con musica para niños 😢😢😢, extrañare al grupo que me enseñaba a reflexionar. amy lee fuiste y seguiras sindo mi idola❤❤y te amaremos segun el genero que tu quieras para evanescence☺😍( hay que cursi)
Fay's stardust
My top fav song from this amasing band...I have no damn words to describe how much I LOVE this song..I think my emotions are written in this song. I love you Amy 🙈 thank you so much for everything ♡
Michael McGill
I have commented on almost every song as I am so moved by the lyrics and the beautiful sound of Amy Lee's soul searching lyrics and diverse spectrum of her voice
Nate Foy
Every time I hear the beginning of this song, I now visualize the bouncy spark ball in this video!
Luna Space
does this remind anyone else of the patronus thing on Pottermore?
Snowolf Sky
I heard this song on iTunes Radio and I absolutely fell in love with it. Beautiful piano, vocals, band. This song is so moving and emotional.
Infinity Absor
They deserve a lot more subscribers like a lot and I don't know how anyone could not like this
Amazing song. It reminds me of so many things...
I think all of us can relate to this song. Because this song summarizes everything we've all been through with Evanescence. All the emotions we've felt. All the problems that their lyrics and sound have helped us with. It's been an amazing 10 year journey for me and this song nearly gets me crying every time I hear it.
Amy, promise me you'll never stop singing. Evanescence, promise me you'll never stop making music.
Aliyah Horne
I love how her voice harmonizes with her music. It brings me to tears.😆😈😕😑
R.I.P. Carrie Fisher 1946 - 2016 you will be missed.
Diego T.
powerful voice, powerful song.
Run away , run awayone day we wont feel this pain anymoretake it all awayshadows of you cuz they wont let me goI have nothing left and all i feel is this cruel wantingwe´ve been falling for all this timeand nowim lost in paradisealone and lost in paradise <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Nyang Bassy
i wish i had that voice.. 😭😭😭
disturbed mdk
this song was beautifully wrote and sung by Amy Lee, keep making music because you inspire others.
evy mary
I never saw this side of Evanescence but I must say it's truly beautiful
Everett Cox
This is how Epic Symphonic Metal should be performed. Her powerful vocals, the lyrics, the lush, powerful orchestral arrangement all fill me with chill bumps and shivers throughout my body. Long live Amy Lee and Evanescence!!!
Practical Deduction
I think I love every one of her songs.
Aislinn Shaw-Eisemann
**Sniffles** **cries a little** <:'(
Ivette Robles
No mater how long has past! This song still hits my soul! I have nothing left! 💙🎶 EVANESCENCE 🙏🏻
Allison Krug
So much pain and sadness behind this song
R.I.P. to all the people who died in France from that maniac with the truck. And my heart and prayers goes to there families and friends.
T-Rex Ngatokorua
You have music for all my moods. before I was listening to Sweet Sacrifice and Going Under, Amping. Now I'm on a mellow buzz and I just happen to come across this song. Awesome ! Amy Lee is a goddess!
Luminary Aj
four years later, this song still makes me tear up
Sylvie Gamboa
one of the most beautiful bands ever
Big_Head Muhfucka
Brings out the feels.
Rifqi Setyo
anyone listening in oct 2017?
patriece jenkins
you foolish people that are always messing with the stubborn and depress ones I don't understand why we go through misery everyday and others still getting away with their evil sins and self's I hate it when people are being mean to my types and judging me like I bad person you still don't understand other people life and situations they deal with everyday !!!. Ahh!!! I tired of this same crap and people going hard on me and others like me I so mad and this is I am a depressed sturrborn woman base on life issues and stupidity of evilness
Wake Up Masses
She has the most beautiful voice ♡
Isabella Müller
We want you Evanscence
Brendan 1999
I feel as though Amy's voice is underappreciated. A voice that majestic is rare and is probably one of the best we'll know in our lifetimes.
"One day we won't feel this pain anymore"...freaking powerful. Thank you Amy for this song. It has helped me through so much.
Princess Raven Diamond
After listening to the live Session version so many times, I forgot how powerful the original version is. This version is more about musicianship whereas the Session version is just raw talent. I love both versions equally
Αggelos grTR
It has so much potential to be an ultra hit ...damn this emotion . amy lee i fcking love you
2017 and i still know i'll never get over this breathtaking song