Xxxtentacion - Pain = BESTFRIEND ft Travis Barker

in memory of the best XXXTENTACION ❤.

Frog Catcher
Awesome, if my mom wasn’t sitting right across from me I’d let the tears flow but can’t let her see that lol rip x
1,000 subs with no good content? dJ
Wow nice job
Great 👍
Justin cool688
Rip xxxtentacion
A.X.E.L ಠ_ರೃ
Rip x
Nice cover vid brought out the best vibes of X luv it.
This felt a little cringe.
Soccer Skillz bros
This is so good my dad loves it he likes blink 182 and I was listening to it in the shower and he asked for now he really likes this song this cover is awesome though
a r i
beautiful, ❤
Where’s Travis wait what