The Infidel; News for the Damned (2012-04-25)

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The internet... where religion comes to die.
Old religions vs new religions/ literal vs interpreted: the newer something is the more it has to be 'true' and without any kind of doubt. The older the religion and the more it gets shot full of holes, usually internal contradictions as well as scientific discovery that debunks religious myths, the more religion turns to 'interpretations' to try and keep its writings meaningful. Religion... if you think you can have your cake and eat it too, please sign here. :P non est deus
Love to do some of the news casts or interviews for you, when I can spare the time; just let me know how I can help!
You're far better than I'd be at it.
Sorry guys, still working out the kinks on reading stories. I'll work on it ;)
Speeding Atheist
Reason is the reason I'm an atheist. ;)
It doesn't matter how you interpret bullshit. Religion in 100 years will be so watered down most people will be quoting the bible and many other holy books on how accurately they describe evolution.
Reality is the reason I am an atheist. :)
The Internet is the reason I'm an atheist.
If you are never going to look into the camera, take a picture of yourself and just post a audiostream or let us read ourself. Learn at least part of the script and then go again...
I don't like metaphoric religion. It softens religion in general and takes the public eye off the nutters. Be batshit or lay off the pot.
metaphorical religions do seem to be easier to deal with. Its amazing what the deepness of time will do a religion.
Consider doing some colour correction on your greenscreen feed. It really looks awful with bright rendered backgrounds and full colour picture-in-picture. It should not be that much of an extra process in the workflow.
Try just try to take the Tao literally. Good luck.