Rihanna - S&M ( Live Today Show 05-27-2011 )

Rihanna performs S&M, Live Today Show 05-27-2011

Rihanna mostly sings for people her age so don't bring your kid to her show lol. Most artist have "sexual" songs. Don't even bring them because they are most likely going to sing them.
Tommy Wayne
she was grab from the crowd
People talking about not bringing kids when this song was childhood.
Dejan Vulinovic
P Jay
Her smile tho :)
Virginia Yazzie
2019 - still watches Video and lovin’ it 🎼🎼🎼
Félix Araújo
Sdds dessa nossa riri 💜👏 como faz falta. Pena que tudo nessa vida é fase. Volta riri 👏👏👏👏👏❤
Gabriel Fraguas
Quem sabe faz ao vivo
maria drip drop
the show was good but the kids there...
Charles Robyn
QUEEN RiRi 👑💎❤❤❤❤❤
rihanna diamonds
divinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa arrasouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Soares Felipe
I like her music, but i dont care for this bitch
David Villaman
1:24 LOOOL!!!
David Villaman
you are right, but other problem is that rihanna sings for people of her age, not for children, and people can not understand that.
I am so tired of her..why doesn't she just go in a hole and live her life quietly there forever so I never have to hear about her anymore. What happened to real music?? Where'd it go?? The music you can feel in your soul?? I miss it. :( I cannot wait until someone comes and kicks her out of the water...and her fame dies for good. When will that great day come? When?? That will be a happy day.
me no was there huhuhuhuhuhu
those fans need to PIPE THE FUCK DOWN. grabbing her and shit. fuck is wrong with those morons. -_-
Guilherme Macedo
@RIHANNA1995able I don't think so.
savonne mosley
i love her fake hair lol
Gustavo !
Rihanna s2
B Gergley
Her security detail is surprisingly well-choreographed.
omg she did a great job all her live performances need to b of this quality
Brendon Chikonyora
she takes someone's flag that the person payed for 1:22 and gives it to another person rude lol
Bezzi Oliveira Channel
essa gosta dos fans
That guy was like, "ZOMFG RIHANNA! I wanna fill you with my babies!" And her dancers where like, "MOFO you better not!" XD
I like how even after she was grabbed for a hug she would have hugged back & she got on with the performance most Celebs would have stopped the show Rihanna is just so nice !
Lif Da
1:18 hahaha he was realy waiting for her with his arm already prepared lmfao !!!
YunHee Kim
wtf 1:18 I kill you f***
@pursuitofboredom omg if i could give you 10000000000000000000 thumbs up i fucking would!!! THANKK YOUU
no need to be so afraid of sex
Hakeem Fergusson
Dam those fans where really excited that dude at 1:19 grab her she almost fell then at 1:26 those group of girls.. she had to pull her hand free lllol crazy
Grim Speeka
I was tight I only got in the back of the place
Deniz Apuhaner
She is the best ! ❤️
도리 도리
화질실화냐 ,, ㅜ
João Victor Mendes
Rihanna is really beautiful.
Александр Герасимов
Рианна молодец!!! Вышла и спела на улице, это очень круто!!!
Jerry Lin
at first I can't really recognize who's the real police
b bos
I love Rihanna
Nancy Gee
she should concentrate on her voice rather than looking cool.
Manuel Paul
Poor playback !
petty crimes
Not an appropriate morning song, especially for this crowd....but would be great as a late night song.
Syldo Reis O Sheik
gemte vão lá no meu canal sheik koalan
2018 haha
Summerella Fan page
Yassss love this outfit on her
Um Universitário
david limeira
Somebody Walks on street imagine do This 2018
West Lisbon
God free her from these chains.
Breno Barreiros
Da like ai like ai, com a mão
Zack Munguia Castro
Lady GAGA are you ?
Arobed Unam
Lizzy Darming
RIRI ALL THE WAY...........
Steeven Hyde
Boring crowd. . . Wrong crowd. I can imagine this live on a late night show.
Milus Sulim
I love this song <3
sup dude
Uhh she’s so hot
Vanessa Souza
Blackberry Blue
koke lamborghini
2:54ah ah ah ajajajja
Bruno Pinheiro
What does S&M mean?
Raheem Samuels
Rodrigo Franco Juarez
jejejeej todos amamos a riri love es hermosa
Arny Carasco
Good song
SuzieG Entertainer
Not the sort of way to be around children S&M singing about sadism and massacism (ecuse spelling( You might as well say singing about BDSM as she is mentioning chains and whips as well , point being, love this song , but those children had no clue about the song or it's meaning, and the inappropriate seductive or sensual moves amidst the crownd of kids you see all in yellow, Im' sorry but that makes me ask if she is that way incline (sorry but being aparent i would take offence if a woman scantly dressed moved that close to any of my children and moved sensual and prevocitively , in our county sopmething like that is seen as exposing children to adult content and is seen as child abuse
E.C. Animation
That was cool of her to let a fan sing for a sec there, even after she got grabbed by another fan.
raphael lakhous
i like this sing
West Lisbon
Sad to see such a beautiful talented person sell out.
Wtf KKKKKKKKKKKKKKLKKKK parece pablo vitar ao vivo
Baby Doll 98
Horrible vocals.
Adrián Rojas
Rihanna sucks singing live.....