RODION G.A. performs the song "UN NEBUN (A FOOL)" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - />Follow us on Twitter - /> PRESENTED BY CĂLINA CURTICĂPEAN BalconyTV Bucharest, Brought to you by Cokestream" /> MICROPHONES BY RODE /> In '78, Rodion Ladislau Roșca founded "Rodion G.A" (with Gicu Fărcaș and Adrian Căpraru), a group that delivered an alternative sound, completely unique in the claustrophobic cultural landscape of those times. With only two tracks officialy released, the band's music has been secretly kept on dusty tapes. Roșca became a DIY tech wizard, improvising his own techniques of composing using reel-to-reels. Surrounded by Tesla tape machines, he would record beats and guitar on one channel, then add other instruments on the other – a raw means of multi-tracking. He would use other machines to add effects. During that time the State-owned Electrecord was the only label in Romania. The band recorded two tracks at the studios for "Formații Rock Vol. 5" in 1981, and five further songs, unreleased apart from radio airings. Rodion even hit the top of national charts for several weeks. Beyond this brief but intense exposure, no other recordings surfaced. Fast forward to 2012. Blogger and film-maker Luca Sorin is intrigued by the mythology around Rodion, tracks him down and posts some of the band's materials online. Further conversations, a live comeback in Bucharest (first in 25 years), a partnership with Steve Kotey of Ambassador’s Reception leads to a compilation of Future Nuggets’ studio work, Sounds Of The Unheard From Romania in 2012 and a release from Steaua de Mare, in 2013. Rodion's powerful music has a special place in the "museum of sonic oddities" behind the Iron Curtain. Strut, in association with Future Nuggets and Ambassador's Reception, are honoured to release his first full LP, delivering the tracks - made in the past but undoubtedly for the future - that will earn him a deserved place in the international electronica pantheon. Rodion G.A. The Lost Tapes is released on May 28th 2013, remastered from the original tape reels and goes straight to no1 in tops. "A raw, hypnotic and utterly absorbing brew of distorted synth riffs and Krautrock rhythm. (...) his music sounds fantastic today" **** — Q Magazine "Dissident, garden shed, East-bloc space rock... Monstrous!" **** — Mojo "Listening to Romanian artist Rodion G.A. is like hearing music beamed from the future." — The Fader "Fuck me this record is unbelievably good. (...) A sacred document. For those who like Prog this will rip your head open and scatter the contents all your carefully filed notes to the four corners of the earth. You need to hear this, Motherfuckers." — Incendiary Magazine "This is some of the raddest music you’re likely to hear this year. Rad in its overall excellentness and radical as to its forward-thinking nature, sounding so even today, though recorded at the height of Ceausescu’s suppression and censorship. (...) But for now The Lost Tapes will keep you mesmerized for long into the future." — The Quietus "It’s not all doom and gloom – though it is mostly chopped-and-twisted electro paranoia." 4/5 — Record Collector "Though this steampunk electronica isn’t ‘innovative’ – you can hear echoes of Kraftwerk, Tubeway Army, Pink Floyd and Faust – there is something original about the way these influences have been flung together." — 4/5 Metro "If you have a weakness for fat synth sounds and sputtering early drum machines committed to reel-to-reel tape, this stuff could set you swooning." — Dusted Magazine "Despite the barebones recording techniques and instruments--East German drum machines, a toy Casio and a Soviet-made Faemi organ, all recorded and overdubbed on primitive Tesla machines--the sounds on The Lost Tapes are immersive, complex and also difficult to classify." — 8/10 Exclaim! “Jesus Christ. This shit is bananas.”— House Shoes “That’s the best record i’ve never heard before!! Ridiculously good!”— Trevor Jackson /> /> Călina Curticăpean - Producer & Host Alex Purje - Producer & Director Dan Damian (TheNoots) - Sound Engineer, Mix & Master Sorin Badea (John Furtună) - Photographer Endre Toth - Ronin Operator & Videographer Lorand Marton - Ronin Operator Kinga Szabo- Ronin Asistant Alexandru Voicu (Has De) - Making Of ~ BalconyTv Bucharest - Brought to you by Cokestream! ( ~ Sound Equipment - Green Sound Team ( & Audio Sys ( ~ Location "Media One" Building ( />~ Video Production by Mozaika Agency ( ~ Sound Production by The Noots (

Andrei Radu Chiriac
Frumosul Nebun al marelui oras. Multumim, Rodion.
Insane synthman iz bak!
propably the most eastern european balcony tv video ever
Viktor Galben
un colab Rodion - Moroder va rog
Deosebit, original.
Анна Шпак
Что за музыка в конце?
Dan-George Uza
ma cac pe voi
cine e tzoapa aia?
john doe
Parintele muzicii electronice, pentru cine stie...☺
Constantin Moldovean
fătuca aia a supt un anglofon