I wish I knew how to quit you Scene from Brokeback Mountain

After Ennis told Jack about the possibility of not being able to meet for the next 6 months, Jack had enough of him keeoing him on a short lease. CTTO

Daniel Treadwell
Not sure, but I think these two might be gay for each other. Watched the movie a few times, but it's hard to tell for sure.
Aki Leaf
How can love hurt so much?
Such beautiful acting.
Collie TV
The subtitle just translated "but you didn't want it Ennis" to "but you need water Dennis" I'M WHEEZING!
tasha tasha
Great movie Great actors
This movie makes me appreciate love more. Btw, I love Ennis when he's jealous.
the acting is incredible
Robert Nelson
I wonder if any woman is moved by this scene.
Cir0c 0boma
You know, you remind me of someone. I had a boyfriend once, told me I needed to smile more. One night while walking down the road from our fishing spot, a truck pulls over. Three men jump out, before I could react one of them hit me in the face with a crowbar. They then grab Jack, laughing as they do it and carry him towards the rail of the overpass. His screams burning into me as he made his final plea for help. Now?....I see the funny part.... now I'm always smiling.
October sky?
Zed m
Social Gadfly
Love it
prince charming
Lmao gross how does a man cry for another man that I'll never know