Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC

Odvut Story
2018???? September Anybody here Now?
if you play this song on New years eve at 11:59:08 the first "wake me up" will play exactly at midnight
Leafy Hiden
Lol just realized: She was trying to sleep but the band and the dude play fucking loud music so she climbed all the way up to tell them to shut up. Yeah.
Joe Barcelo
So many people asking "2018?"...did they just wake up from a long sleep or a coma?
pepu pig
Marco Alcocer
It's not a phase mom
Goku vs Broly (Batalla Final)
Gerardo Montiel
*N O S T A L G I A :')*
Liam P
He is saving the life of a woman and his friends are... playing music
Lyrics: How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down, into my core Where I've become so numb, without a soul My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold Until you find it there, and lead it, back, home Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my name and save me from the dark Bid my blood to run Before I come undone Save me from the nothing I've become Now that I know what I'm without You can't just leave me Breathe into me and make me real Bring me to life Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my name and save me from the dark Bid my blood to run Before I come undone Save me from the nothing I've become Bring me to life Bring me to life Frozen inside, without your touch Without your love, darling Only you are my life Among the dead I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems Got to open my eyes to everything Don't let me die here Bring, me, to, life Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my name and save me from the dark Bid my blood to run Before I come undone Save me from the nothing I've become Bring me to life Bring me to life Bring me to life
Jaze Cinema
Best alarm clock song ever
It's Dev!
Shoutout to all the 90s kids. We made it!
Aaron Gesmundo
Anyone here December 2nd 2018. Exactly 7yrs from the release of this video.
Charlotte Alice
Just saying, she has an amazing voice
XfernAndoX 274
2018 december??
Ana Silva
this was my jam when my mom didn't let me watch icarly bc i had homework
Esto si era música de verdad!! :d
Lana Del Rey Chile 2
Me trae recuerdos de cuando yo era niña ya que la escuchaba como a los 5 o 6 años y mi hermana tenia el disco de esta banda en donde salía ese video y lo veiamos sin parar . Tambien escuchaba la cancion con mi Tia ... viejos tiempos... ❤
Penny for your thought McGee
Everytime I hear this song... It's like hearing for the first time. DAMN AWESOME 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
I'm not trying to insult anyone but this song always makes me wonder what it was like to be an emo teen in the 2000's o_0
Dan - Brawl Stars
Just saying but HAPPY New year and have a nice day To everyone Who sees this! ❤️👌✌️👊🤗
They dont make music like they used too
CharlyLewis Xan
*N I N E Y E A R S* 😍
freddy rodriguez
Aquellos años de principios del 2000 todavía se hacía música de la buena....
Nicole Cipher Mendes 12
Uuuuuuuuhuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!2018 !!!
Linkin Parker
rip Chester Bennington
A situação das músicas do Brasil estão muito precárias ent vim ver evanescence
essa música foi a que marcou minha infância
Canal Gentalica
She was a beautiful singer in 2000's.
Jéssica Lourenço
2018 ✌🏽🇧🇷❤
lampada head
Muito boa👏
Wun Wun's GirlFriend
Sarah Lynn
I miss my those emo days 😭
darrick Cortez
her voice still gives me a hard on...... you all think im joking..... that's the best part
vines & facts
So many fucking memories it's crazy
48 84
2018 December?
brus farfan
q bonita cancion le doy mi like 2019
Berkay Erol
2059 ?
gacha estudio y mas geraldin suarez
– A Stranger –
2017 and soon 2018?
Tomita Raul
18 days for 2019
Mr. J
When your phone battery is at 1%
Dursun Akbiyik
Yokmu Eski Metin2 ciler 😁
deloisy valerie
J'a doré cette musique 🇫🇷
Pablo Escobar
Felipe Abrile
Overdose 🥀
jhoDene Alamban
This song is never die anymore
super mario maintenance
Back in the day was real music 👌😎
Today in meme review...
That Guy T
How did this become a meme?
Ross Banter
Daredevil movie <3
zaraki kenpachi
Quase em 2019 e eu aqui
AlfA 4S
Lelo Kake
1:08 satan?
Chiara S.
Vicky Hudson
الاغنيه جدا رهيبه ❤️❤️. Old but gold ✌🏻
Aleksander & Andre
Kdo Čech
kadoya tsukasa
January 2018.?
I remember when I watched this video as a kid. I was terrified for her :-D
Dan Dawg
Anyone here 2019?
Omar Riveros
January 2019??? Anybody ???
Geo GamerLife
I can not find my comment more than 6 years ago
Carliux Limonade
Alguien viene por el video de goku ssj del 1 al 20 :v
We all have heard this in the 2000s, so stop that year game & just appreciate this good piece with a like!
syam sulaiman
Disember 2018. Who still listening ? Like please
Rose bud
2018 🔜 2♡19
I remember this use to be the only song on every YouTube video.
Андрей Марычев
fuck despecito
This is the song my alarm clock is set on
Bibi Caeiro
my love you ♡♡♡♡♡
Press F to pay Nostalgia
Mzk TV
June 2018???❤
Born In The Wrong Planet
gives me the chills every time.
Nahiara Ordoñez Valentin
Yo soy muy fan tuyo
Stew giglygigly
Wrestle mania DVD Canada I meet this song sence then I can't stop love this song
This song literally brings me life
Mzk TV
May 2018???
comic booknerd
memes made this song suck but i still like this song
GuiGnR *-*
*Linkin Park é melhor (is better)*
Alguém em 2018 ?
Lesma Gamer
quem ainda ver isto hj ? da like aqi
Luka Peric
2018? October Anybody still here?
Freakish Matt
How I feel after the 2018 rewind.
Once upon a time...nine years ago
Save me from the Nothing I've become
Фарход Фахриев
2019 ?
Ah man, the 2000s....it was either this or "In the End" by Linkin Park that was in EVERY video. Miss those days :')
Still here?? Go get some sleep
Elena Petruța
2018 /2019
Dew Matthew
Joyvan Sales
Beautiful song. 😇
kevin terry
2003-2018! Still is the best and will always!! THATS MY CHILDHOOD RIGHT THERE!!!😢😢💔
Who is hyped of Smash ultimate ? :D
Alberto Pareja
Tiago Silva
2018 nos ouve muito
kadoya tsukasa
November 2017.?