Credit to all owners DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY !!! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN !!! JENNIE AND LISA IS BEST FRIENDS 😍 they are very cute.👭 and I really love their interactions on stage and offstage💕💕 my music track : Promise : /> Left my heart in pain :

When i see jennie’s eyes i feel like i’m gonna cry in any minute rn😥😓
Nay Chi JL
They are real offcam couple 🤗 Btw, Happy Jenlisa Day 💜🖤
Thomz Fernandez
wooottt !!! SAVAGE!!! 😅ur dead Lisa 🤣🤣 ohh jelly2 Nini 🤩🤩
Hijau Pisang
04:51 Lisa might had kissed Jennie's forehead while rose have cover them both from audiences. Omoo my heart beating fast for more jenlisa moment like this guys. Theyre realllll... Huhuhu
Vivi Girl
0:53 - 1:35 I feel that two people is hurts theirself heart in there scene 😨😞
DaviCunha Br.
Jenlisa Kim Manoban
0.53 i wanna hug Jennie, my baby is crying, its makes me cry too😢😢
blue heaven 14
Jennie is so obvious when she got jealous 😍.. Lisa,you sleep outside the room 😁😁😁
I would attend their wedding even though I'm here in the Philippines 😊😍💕
Allison J
First Thape
Watched by Jennie's actions and should think of Lisa more than friends.
Juice Drink
Description *Jennie and Lisa is best friend Owh okayyy? But I see them as a LOVER😐
Angel Official
아침 어빠Achim Oppa
3:54 Jennie be like "Yes... Go down for me babe..."
Bristy Ripon
Lisa.... Jennie jisoo rose is really love 100%.....jennie not cry please 😍😍
Paterno Dizon
Ow my gash!!! Lisa now do anything so that nini wouldn't be upset😂😂
Lmao😂the first part made me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Always cute right ??😍😍❤❤ Edit: But when I saw the eyes of Jennie my heart was broken
Милена Семигина
1:18 my heart is breaking😢
0:59 they were listening to Billie eilish and most of her songs are sad and depress. Jenny is really into her performance. That means that she is maybe related to it. Think about that. Not any ship stuff that’s childish sorry...
MyNames Dot
The first one killed me😹😹💔
black pink iloveyou
My nini was so sad. 😞 I'm jenlisa forever 😍😍😍😍😍 I love you guys
"Im jisoo,Im ok"
Gray Valiente
Everytime Jennie's being playful, Lisa's like 'Okay, hold your gay self, Lisa and don't fall for it'. And that's how she exits pretending we can all unseen her partial reactions. Lol. I mean, I ain't taking this really serious but man, it shows. LOL again.
For does Who said She sad because of billie Song Yeah but you can see She Look at Rosé hand,I think she hurt in side
Tsering Wangmo Sherpa
Hmm I like the background music really impressive 👏👏😂😂 Jimins voice is great
Shy G.
*While looking at Jennie's eyes Me: O my god! Why?? ( I almost cry)
Rośe Viray
Don't be sad Jennie because Lisa loves you forever happy jenlisa day
Jennie Kim
I feel bad for Jennie. I was almost gonna cry
Shane Marie Melocoton
The first vid though. Hahahaha jennie being jennie
Chase Laurent
Before when Jennie is jealous she looks cute and kinda scary but now it’s different. She looks really sad when she saw Rosé arm on Lisa’s shoulder (Is she teary eyed?) I don’t wanna see any of these girls sad it makes me wanna cry :’( Anyways, HAPPY JENLISA DAY Y’ALL
Blackpink Tan
Jennie get heartbroken when he see lisa end ader Blackpink members 😢
0:53 i really sad 😭😭😭
Janniqa Ireez Capuli
Jennie its ok my idol,we will support u
I just wanna hug jennie😭😭😭
KienPanPan -
I knew it you would post that vid. I wanna hug Jennie tho Idk if she's jealous, lonely or because of the song
SJ vlog's
I feel sad for jennie😢❤️00:54 i can see jennie’s eye glancess to lisa and rosé😔😢😞
K-POP Edits
JenLisa is really real, dont tell me JenLisa isnt real, i'll smash my phone if JenLisa isnt real -.-
unknown / anonymous
Ayyy finally the bangs of lisa move hahaha
Lychee Oummm
It's real JENLISA i like it😚
Park Runako
Jennie jealous with rosé?omg chaelisa is real😍
Blackpink saranghae Blink4ever
Lisa don’t make my Nini sad..hehehe
Ecn s
Why's Jennie crying..why??? Please stay happy Jennie.Lisa,jisoo n rose loves you
Luna star
It's so sad :(
bo mul
When Rose prevented future, Lisa kissed in Jenniei's forehead.
Brenda Felipe
I think my youtube is drunk 3 like 0 views
Nini Lili
0:58-1:35 it hurts😭
Indra Hermawan
Jenlisa = Jennie and Lisa *BLACKPINK* Camren = Camila and Lauren *FIFTH HARMONY* Perjade= Perrie and Jade *LITTLE MIX*
ed en
I love your channel keep making vid❤️
dave maximo
lisa's forehead😍
*Lisa hugs rose* Jennie : Lets kill this love Lisaa, Im going solololololo solo😡
njee cinematic
Is that they like each other?!
Yabyab si LabLab
00:02 Jennie tried it twice, trying to remove Lisa's hands from Jisoo's waist 😂 she succeeded on the second move and that was on that clip. I saw it from Jensoo's analysis 😂 so I'm still investigating if whom is Jennie being jealous, is she being jealous of Lisa and she doesn't want Lisa's hands on Jisoo's waist because Jensoo are real? OR is she being Jealous because Lisa's hands was on Jisoo's waist and Jenlisa have a mutual understanding? 😂 (Sorry English is not my first language haha but if you got my point, yeah we're on the same track baby 😂) Jensoo are winning and lots of proofs BUT HOLD ON 😂 I'm still on process and em actually rewatching all their interviews, airport scene, tv appearance, vlive, youtube videos... All I can say is....... We need to dig deeper 😂 well what ever coz still we will never know the truth. Let's just be happy for everyone and spread love 😁
Jennie ❤❤
Afzeen Shah
love Jenlisa 😍😍😘
Ecn s
I came coz I see Lisa's holy forehead in the thumbnail 🤣
Cherry- Chan
1:21 i think jennie is gonna cry. Like, look at this face 😲😭 And she looks sad☹️😭
Sievly ly
In the past I thought jenjen’s jealous moments are cute but now I dun think it huh I feel I wanna cry when I see her jealousy
Jhanine M.
JenLisa is real😭😭😭these two are the best💕💕
Ruby Jane asilo Blackpink and bts
Hahahaha jealous nini😂💖💕
Guli83 Guli83
Don't cry my Princess JENNIE 😢😭😭😭
0:04 😂 I did not realize it was jealousy I thought it helped him kill that love...Ok, I'm crazy
Angela Mendalla
Happy Jenlisa Day 🖤💜
Mm Mm
Jennie and lisa
Leona Lyka Samson
0:57 nini stares😂😂
블랙 핑크JenChuLiChaeng
This video make my heart hurt and make me cry why
Raenrachel Barrameda
They are reaaaal ❤😍
all omg
Lisa you are truly the playgirl of the have Rosè Jisoo Jennie.....
though Im a Lisoo shipper sometimes I really wonder if Jennie has feelings for Lisa maybe she misses how sweet Lisa to her before Lisoo happened
Ikki Yonezu
Ughhh I really love JENLISA contents😍Keep making some of these videos😍
Blackpink Lisa
Ahhhh my Jenlisa heart oh nooo nini is savage whooo love them!!!
i feel pitty for jennie 😢😭😭😭
Jennie: the girl who cant hide her emotions VS Jisoo: the girl who hides it all, choose now LIMARIO :3
Cristine Brothers
I like how smooth jennie remove Lisa's hand on jisoo's waist
Princess Ann Loza
Oh nini crying
Angel Chandra
I'm still waiting you upload jenlisa ff
Sra Family
Jennie kasihan
April gaile Cabilao
Iloveyou the first part hahaha i watch it 10x 😂
karpitcha kz.
Gacha J
Oh r.i.p kai jennie loves lisa more than kai so rest in peace lol
Hayatun Nuvus
Jennis is jeoulos🤕😕😕 kasian😕😕🤕
Freedom Young
Someone on the twitter posted a convo of a girl that goes to coachella and saying that she saw jenlisa hugging each other and thought that they are a couple but no and she said they were hugging each other but when the camera is going to their view they immediately seperate or pull out the hug and lisa cling to rosé i think the footage was that 1:00
Guli83 Guli83
Always Jenlisa best 😍😍😢😢
Alianys Hyuna Ari
Jensoo and chaelisa is real ahre :v
Ann Cha
Someone told me that jenlisa arent real so? Is it?
Ms. Chubie REACT
1:08 yeah feel sad to jennie. I just focus on her eyes. :( lisa just focus on your wife. Jk. :)
malee menkhaow
I pity Nini very much😭😭😭✌️✌️💖💖💖
Park Yngrid
The background music makes me cry 😢😢
Say the Name In Your Area
When Jennie is with Lisa, her smile is very genuine, but when is Lisa is with other members, Jennie's jealousy is much more genuine. They're so cute.☺️❤️
Jen Lisa
Omg, they are sisterhood take care each other...since they are the only child.
Ashlyn Peace
Imagine Lisa watching this
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Mika M.
Why is she crying? ☹ can someone pls tell me
kanokphat ch.
Jenlisa is not a✅✅ friends but a girlfriends is so love jennie to lisa🔱 & lisa to jennue✔✔😃😃😍😘😗
lisa jennie
I miss old jenlisa
Filha De Jensoo
Jenlisa shippers toxic
Char Lan
Ooh Jennie 💔