2016 Spanish Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Re-live 2016's dramatic race from Barcelona, where Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg collided and Max Verstappen made F1 history... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

Garon Moore
>both mercs crash >redbull paddock cheers That always gives me a giggle.
To see two Mercedes crash is just the best feeling in the world!
Lê Anh Sơn
It'll not be a race without an engine failure from a McLaren Honda xD
*Mercs crash* Wow that's really something *Verstappen wins* What the hell is going on today?? *Alonso retires* Okay so there is some continuity here
Lars Agerbæk
another sunday, another race for the drivers, another walk for Alonso
Natanael Aitonean
Fair-play from Vettel at the end
Solid crash by the Mercedes boys 👍
When Hamilton crashes into Rosberg, you can almost hear a memefied version of Sad Violin playing where the violin is replaced by air horns.
Highlights: Verstappen wins. Hamilton and Rosberg crash. #spoilers
Pier 1668
I waited one year for Spanish gp highlights
Salih Timur Saltunc
The crash is not even that dramatic without Crofty going *"AND HE'S CRASHED INTO HIS TEAM MATE!!!"*
Adrian Newey
People seem to not realise that Max won in the 3rd corner. The way he passed Vettel around the outside is simply amazing. MAx even admitted that if he was behind Vettel, he wouldnt have won the race.
Radya Sacalaros
honestly what are we doing here? watching YouTube or ping-pong?
The best day of the 2016 season. Both Mercedes crashing out in lap 1 and Verstappen becoming the youngest F1 race winner in his Red Bull debut.
Francesco Pianaroli
I read 2017 Spanish gp highlights and I got so scared, I thought I missed it
Joooheeee jooohoooo jooofukinghell wat is dit lekker
Off Limits
I was there and saw dutch history :)
And the legend says that Hamilton and Rosberg fans are still arguing about who's fault it was while everybody know it's 50/50.
Randa Prawira Hafas
the highlight that I loved most. Mercedes' crash was so lovely.
i remember the pure joy of my father and i when we heard max was joining red Bull. i remember the disbelief when the mercs crashed off. i remembered the tension when max was holding off Kimi. i remember my mother checking my Pulse because i was so stressed almost. this race Will Stay with me all my life. thanks max, red Bull and fom for this, and of course Lewis and Nico for crashing off. Lets have some fun again this year
"Who is guilty" shitstorm incoming
Vishwanath Puttagunta
Same story with Alonso - No Power
alexander kopaneff
Two Mercedes crash should be in "try not to get satisfied" challenge.
this was the last race i saw with my grandpa before he died 2 weeks after. Thank u for getting me intrested in F1
Didier Prinzen
I think I got a puncture or something. 🤔😂I think you just lost your tire, mate.
Vettel is such a good sport, when the race ended, he celebrated and congratulated Verstappen even though he lost.
*gets popcorn* *scrolls through comments section*
Another 1-2 for Mercedes. But, this time, in a crash...
Daniel Bisessar
funny that Kyvat says going to see who brings results.. max the same race he got the opportunity. #1.
just remove the mercedes and you have a great race. There you go.
A fish out of water
3:02 Well how ironic
Imina Punk
Nothing as beautiful as the two Mercedes taking each other out lmao
Best Race Edit of 2016!
Why did you've missed "What are we doing here, racing or pingpong?" :(
What are we doing here ? Racing or ping-pong ?! Legendary team radio
3:00-3:02 Vettel congratulating Verstappen for the win and breaking his own record as the youngest GP winner. That's great sportsmanship!
Matt B
this race, austria and malaysia were the key moments of this season so much drama
Birth of a Legend! #33
Chris J
2:20 That's some good editing right there
This is just something we will talk about 10 years from now
The best race of Last season :D
So Lewis and Valtteri are getting along well
Stef van der Meer
McLaren crash inbound this race
Ricky Fang
Vettel shook his hands then Verstappen took him out by reckless driving so many times. Lmao No friendship in sports.
Both Mercedes crashing and Verstappen winning was exactly what F1 needed to start growing again in popularity.
OnyxFTW Vlogs
i love every single second after they crash
Hopefully Lewis and N̶i̶c̶o̶ take each other out again this year.
Please F1, use T-cam for onboard, or at least onboard pole. You see in this video, you see much more than what you could from the shoulder cam. You get a much much better idea of what happened between Lewis and Nico and why they crashed. From the shoulder cam you only see the left half and you have no idea what's happening on the right side. F1 used to mostly just use the T-cam, but I dont know why in recent years the shoulder cam became so popular. Please stop doing that F1. T-cam is the angle that do "onboard" justice. It's no coincidence other open wheel motor sports such as Indycar use mainly the same angle onboard camera as T-cam in F1. That angle gives you the best sense. Thanks.
hey f1 if you hear me; nice editing mate and keep it up love the video
A Perfect Day
Team orders from Honda in Spain!! Ehhh Guys, leave your cars in the pitbox and start walking. Smile and wave, just smile and wave. 😂
Lê Anh Sơn
Driver of the race: Max Verstappen
muhammad shofwan
race excitement increase 100% when both Mercedes out (in 2016)
im looking forward to see this great moment again in near future....
pascal lallala
best highlight video so far, keep up the good work whoever does these uploads ;)
🏎️️ Racing or Ping Pong 🏓
2:20 that transition tho
Nick Gregory
Obviously, the drivers of that race was Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.
Max Colella
finaly!!!! thank you liberty media! greatest highlight yet!
Come on Hamilton you can do it again!
Timur Ozdemir
what is the name of the song ?
I'd still love to know what Toto said to Hamilton and Rosberg after the race.
Kobe Bryant
Was this a race or a ping pong match ?
Arthur Peres
"If you no longer go for a gap that exists you're no longer a racing driver" - Ayrton Senna 1:01 "I saw a gap and I went for it, that's what racing drivers do." - Lewis Hamilton
As a Hamilton fan, and in somewhat a Mercedes fan too, the fact that Rosberg got taken out as well was so relieving. And you have to love Max Verstappen and be insanely happy for him!
Bernardo Viana
Senna - Prost (90's) Hamilton - Rosberg (10's)
Hyun Ji 16
i wonder what will happen if Kvyat was still in Red Bull that day...
I said to a mate a couple of days before " If the Gods hate Kvyat, Verstappen will win",,,
Irfan Danial
The race where Mercedes fans hoped the other people won't talk about it😂
0:59 guy dropping something
Raktim Mukherjee
I still really miss Nico Rosberg. He was jubilant, energetic and so much expressive. His killer instinct, his rivalry with Lewis, his attitude always attracted me. Actually I somehow relate myself with Nico, the one who came so close to success but just remained just shy and finally after long wait achieves that. miss you Nico
Constructor of the Day: Mercedes. Thanks for crashing out in turn 4, because we finally got an exciting race!
i was lmao after the crash
Eugene .L
Dammit , where's the ping pong
LegendarySnipez 7000
During the crash Rosberg: Wtf was he thinking Hamilton: That wasn't my mistake he cut me off
sh fd
really good editing and making .
Dennis Helbig
Hope that the mclaren gonna work for alonso its his home country
Justin M.
@2:17 who’s that? 🤔
Driver of the day: Max Verstap- I'm just joking
EmSpro Racing
Would be great if Kimi won, or Seb or Valterri. Prefer anyone over Hamilton
i thought for a second it was 2017 spanish highlights from the race
An absolute classic! Maybe the greatest Spanish GP of all time
Ed Chapman
I've been impressed with the new generation of Formula 1 YouTube content, but this was out of this world! A well-edited 3 minute video that captured the drama, tension and excitement of one of 2016's best Grand Prix's so vividly!
2016: Nico and Lewis 2017: Kimi and Sebastian????
Arza Refidilant
One of best race last season
Mad Max!
Aaron Brall
Hamilton is not criticized for going for that invisible gap yet Vettel is called an idiot for having a dutchman crash him out
Pranav Pawar
Max's win was like cherry on top of the cake for Kvyat's funeral.
Goosebumps. What a race that was. Thanks F1!!
Critter Arm
OMFSM, I love this montage. What a day.
Gabriel gamer
vettel honestly for kvyat gp russian
Jack Aioria
Everybody talks $%&# about Hamilton, but to me Rosberg didn't give him enough space driving him out of the track.
Artorias 020
to all the people saying dutch f1 fans arent real fans, most of us have been watching formula one for years and years, like me. youre just envious that we have a racer who has what it takes to become champion. smh
Sole Uce
Liberty are doing a great job on the youtube channel. Brilliant way of bringing more fans in
Rifqi Harshad
Lewis and nico said they feel guilty about the people that work on his car. McLaren drivers don't need to.
divyanshu sinha
kimi finished 2nd
Rens de haan
First race with red bull and max wins
Paulo Frost
*both Mercedes crash* *THIS IS A SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS*
Matija J24
Personally one of the best races in F1. Max P1 and Kimi P2. I would not mind it being the other way round, but what a debut for Red Bull that was. I was so nervous to the end. For this year I hope they can both win a race. Especially Kimi because Max will win a lot more in the future. Kimi really needs one. Would be amazing.
Parth Vashisht
First time, Rosberg, overtakes Hamilton on track (albeit helped by a better start). They crash!
No Power No Power