Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Futari no Elder Episode 2

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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Futari no Elder / Maidens Are Falling For Me : The Two Elders Episode 2 : The Distress And Melody Of Being a Maiden I do not own this video or anything . It belongs to their respective owners . Hope you enjoy ^_^

holy shit I just realized this is like the girl version of host club think about it the piano and they are all pretty
Angelika Geonzon
The perfect girl is a boy lol
That is what you call "playing the piano a little"? I wish I could play the piano as little as that! You're overdoing the modesty bit.
why do they all look the same
Yeahhh... I watched the first season first And I like it better than this But if I had watched this first then maybe it would be better
James Taylor
lovely pianist
fat louvie
hey he has breasts!!!!!!! I SWEAR I SAW THAT This anime is the opposite of girl beats boys
How can he even have uhh breasts? 0:53
J Break
yay its not lesbian anime
Catrino crack
Buen video
Anak Krakatau
infamous kano
infamous kano
this is anime is leading me to believe that trying to search for a anime i found the wrong one but its amazing
yuri hime
so Cute <3
James Taylor
am crying
Ashlee The Princess Gacha gamer
This is soo sad...(T--T')
This shuld be a game XD
Did you guys got boner when he’s blushing??
Theo TV
So...how is this a happy ending for 1 episode? That girl's family still in so much debt she has to stop her education. You guy DO realize that's usually a death sentence in most Asian countries right? It's either you go to school, get a diploma or you drop out, forced to join the military and become cannon fodder later on. It's a common theme in Asia.
James Taylor
i think the cello has a sad sound
Knightwalker V Peace
Mitten LuvsCat
I'm sure the black haired girl was the boy's friend from the picture
Bobby Lim
mizuho oneesama is not in this season
Angel Danger
i think there should of contined this anime
Hank hill
So who are the traps again cuz I completely forgot so are there multiple them or is there just one
Lia Tan
Would you.pls upload more of this episode
Ace D. Portgas
I want more of this series 😔
is he a dude that wants to be a girl or something?
Luca Yt
I just came here because i was done watching attack on titan
abhinav !!
Anyone plz tell me whats that piano sound(name) at 6:30..ty
Celty Sturluson
does anyone know what song that persons playing on the piano,, I would like to know :)
animesaint :3
the girl black hair reminds me of mio Akiyama from K-ON