Gives You Hell - All American Rejects ( with lyrics )

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i do not own this song!!

This song is dedicated to all the pairs of earphones I have broken.
This is to my ex... oh wait, I don't have one.
Dean The Bean
to me ex to my former best friend to my x box that wont work to my bullies at school
I love how everyone's here from Undertale and I'm just here like "okay so who else is here because they've known the song since it came out?"
Pabler Arav
Who else is here because All American Rejects is a good band?
Dillon Marine
For those people who can't figure it out. This song wasn't made on GLEE.
Crazy kids takeovet
To all of my exes oh wait *I don't have any* _Nobody will date me_
Am I the only one who knew this song before the Undertale animation lmao
be bitchin
saltiest song ive ever heard but god dam do i love it
What tf is Undertale? Everyone here is talking about it and then I'm the idiot in the corner who doesn't know what anyone's talking about! WHAT THE CRAP IS IT!?!?
Omega Majesty
Ah the "angry stage" of a breakup This is THE perfect theme song for it :D
To my ex of 7 months. I think I'm just now starting to get over her
This song is perfect for that one ex
Audio seems wrong their voices seem squeaky
shelby wells
To math
Mariah Schriefer
best break up song ever give u hell
Arwen Coy
did anyone notice on the front page they spelled rejects wrong?if you did give me a thumbs up
Oswald Owlson
Do you guys really have to say where you got this from? I see most of the comment section saying "I got here from Undertale" or "Undertale brought me here" and please, don't get mad. It's everyone's own personal opinion. If they like Undertale, don't get mad at them and yell. And please, do not say where you we're from. It's annoying. I am not on anyone's side, I'm just saying that you guys do not need to say where you got this from.
Claire Caro
This song is soooo me. I HATE my ex. He was a b. I dedicate this son to you!
undertale anyone
that one nice comment
supernatural anyone??? only me ok
Darth Angelx
Old time classic! 3
Knew the song before undertale. XD
Kara Griffiths
To everyone who bullied me and my brother at school.
Taylor Parker
To the people who treated me horrible
Savannah Fanene
To My Ex Who Treated Me Like Crap And Was Just Using Me For The Stuff I Got Him
Guste Mick
People, it doesn't matter where others found this song. They came here and they liked the song - that's what really matters.
That Guy
For some reason I want to make a Stanley Parable video to this song. I think it fits pretty well.
Goddess Of Peace
To my ex that cheated on me
Penelope Cadagat
Godtier Hipster
i just imagine the game wasn't made and that people can listen to this beautiful piece of music instead of seeing some undertale trash spamming it with their sans bullshit
I hope i give you hell jar!!!!!
amanda miller
Heres to any body who bullied new
I just imagined Sans singing this to a Genocide run Frisk..
Renato Araujo
To my ex who treat me like hell and used me.
Layal Aziz
hOpE it gIveS yOu hElLl
Replay this song again..
emily foley
To my ex, he cheated, stole and hurt me. I hope my presence gives you hell
Erin Gann
this song always makes me feel better when I think of my abusive ex
YoungKing Games
2019? Or am I the only one here ☹️
kate munns
this song is my life and all my break ups song lol
parkie and family
I can relate to this song with... a lot of people i know
Louisiana Kid
45 likes I’ll show this to my ex
Limonlu Soda
To all the people.
Jerry Johnson
I got this cuse i was randomally (I feel like i got spelled that wrong) searching up stuff which led me to this heaven (or hell you know cause the song)
This is to my ex Laura
Paper Airplanes
I can hear the spit in his voice at the end of every line....
Cammy DuPont
Oops “hell” and “damn” are not censored
I love this song!
Why are you so quiet??????
just your average disaster
To Gabriela, making me miserable since 3rd grade! Bye now 🖕🏻
Jar loves jonbenet
Jar loves jonbenet
Jar loves jonbenet
Come on man I know.........
DarkGamer_1930 0
when sans sees chara in the underground
Jinks is your scapegoat
Jar was in love with her!
Yep yep.
brandy tallent
Someone's bitter
2016 guys? Btw who here came from undertale :O?
Jar jar jar jar jar
Isaiah torres
This reminds me of jeff the killer
Jaron Saunders
This version isn't All-American Rejects, still sounds good though. Almost flawless.
Peter Benedict Esclamado
hope it gives you hell hope it gives you john cena
I П Ƭ Σ Я ᄂ Ц П D
*To Dante* *To Mercedes* *To Melonie* *To Ali* *To Pilar* *To Ava* *To Adrain* *To Abby* *To My Grandmother Who Left Me* *To Everyone* *To myself*
Yasmeen Unleashed
To my ex that cheated
Someone on the Internet
Let's start a song chain! I'll go first... I wake up every evening
Cara Frey
Love this song im just a kid and i know this song by heart my dad showed me the song love it
TheBananaLord 73
Don't listen to all the haters this song is actually good and I like it!
I don't know what I did that made you hate me so much, but it's just as well the feelings are mutual~ My song to my lovely kismesis xD
Erica LC
Love All American Rejects!😍😭
Isabel Hoare
Lol everyone is here bc of undertale and I got here from a phan video edit...
Shelby Floyd
i *LOVE* this song my sis showed it 2 me. she's evil
20 year marriage and this is how I feel...
Still love this song
Luke Jobe
I like this version better
Hope I give you hell
Susan Felstead
Here cause glee
what's a yoongi
This was pre school for me! I miss those days! *laughs cause i sound old even tho I'm in middle school*
Hiba Khan
Here because of glee! ❤️
Mia Marinović
I'm just here cause RubixCube
Son Leke
That's a cover 100%
Grimluck Foster
2:39 to 2:58 is my favorite
Karla Kirkpatrick
To my ungrateful family who has treated oh so fantastic especially while with my ssi check I plan on getting off asap with out your knowledge just divine right
Jaelyn hall
1:04 rosted
darcy boyd
am i the only one who’s not here because of this animation y’all are talking about? this song just came up on my spotify playlist and i liked it.
2:40 thank me later
Alejandro Gaona
Uno viene en buen pedo a oír la canción de all Americans rejects y me salen con está mamada, esto no tiene madre.
Zarg At Home
This cover made my ears bleed. Please credit the actual artist and change the title to stop misleading people.
Athika Savanna
This is to my old mean teacher I had in 5th grade
Jewel Khan
To the fake people that were once in my life 😝
Anatta Okonkwo
This is not the same vocalist singing. Does anyone else notice that the voice is different??
Martina Mazzoni
Sean Schollaert
This is definitely not All-American Rejects...
Ariana Patel
I just 10 years late no biggie. All the 11 years old who like old songs.
"Gives you hell by All American *Rejets* "
Brandon P
It's either a voice over or someone messed with the quality. The video sounds way different
Nicole xD
December 20,2018.... Still listening 😭💕💕💕💕