[ Rare Beast ] V12 AMG Mercedes SL 600 R129 Review & TestDrive JMSpeedshop !

this Video is al about the Mercedes SL600 AMG R129 Producing 440HP and 600NM Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Tubu - Hope /> this car was for sale at Passioncar.de this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars /> here is a link to the car the Red SL600 that is for sale /> This AMG is from the period that AMG was on the option list of Mercedes . so you could order a SL60 and get the AMG engine option and exterior package. the engine option alone cost 25000DM this got the engine power up to 440hp and 600NM and the acceleration just under 6 sec. AMG polish the head chambers and put bigger valves in and different camshaft to give the engine better breathing. i drove a few of these M120 V12 engine powered cars and every time i drive them i still suprised by the powere delivery. the are still after 20+ years very fast cars. for me this is the best youngtimer there is on the market for decent pricing that everyone can buy. price are in between €7000,- up to €50000,- depending on condition. if there are any question just ask JMSpeedshop !

Damn this car is fast! Very unique car. Thanks for the history lesson, I didn't know they made a special 6.0 Liter version that made 440HP. I have a 96 SL600 AMG and that car is such a blast to drive every time I get behind the wheel.. They really don't make them solid like this anymore.!!
Sony H K
This is the best car motor ever. Thanx
Ever Avila
Wow! V12+AMG; a Gem.
David Contini
The R129 V12 is one of the best cars ever made.
Matt AdRev
sad that it was only the 4 speed ;( BUt god damn this is amazing!
How's the v12 project coming along? sorry I'm so impatient😁
ray croal
that seemed just as fast as the sl70
Keep the car, ditch the music.
Marcos D
That music is horrible, thank god for mute.
Anel Hodzic
wow thats really fast. i got around 5 seconds for 0-100.
Yes it needs a GearVendors Overdrive. At 220 it's at 5k rpm so it will only go ~264 at 6k
Bobby Breeze
Beautiful! Can you please review C140 S600 coupe? Would love to see your thoughts / comparison.
#DasBesteodernichts !!!!! #Sternenkrieger 4ever
Selim Can Avşar
only V12 Merc we wanna see is in your garage rn
Richard Tuck
Did this AMG model also come with a 7 speed?
ray croal
jm speedshop how do you think these cars compare with the 7.0 version it seemed like there wasn't much difference
Marcus Engelmann
This was my Car !! ;-)
dislike just for that shitty intro music
Toyota Lexus
This is better than the AMG's made today, such fucking artwork!