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2:17 How did they get that joke in? XD
Jeremy Boateng
2:32 That's gonna give me nightmares...
Gilberto Tabares
to the maker's of Sausage Party, THIS is why hotdogs are to be eaten with impunity
Lee Lanzini
This is crazy! We all know Mickey could've just bought another hot dog but look what we got instead! Such an epic short! 🌭
2:01 that Betty White???
This show needs Oswald the lucky rabbit anyone agree?
0:16, Nice save, bro.
Edwin Henriquez
JC The ̈Penguin
Damn. The New Mickey Mouse is too cute and cuddly, I really like the old version like this more.
The old lady who had her purse stolen is Betty White. Neat.
Matias Villagra
"Looks like weenie is all in." 😏
FilmPassion Productions
Fun fact: Mickey's first words were "Hot Dog" in The Karnival Kid. In fact this whole cartoon reminds of a scene from The Karnival Kid.
1:52 I don't think I saw that coming! Goofy appearing out of nowhere! LOL Plus, Betty White is awesome and that was a really cute ending! ^_^
Aoife Walsh
he could have just gotten another hot dog...
Everything was good until Mickey went full-fedora.
Penguito Videos
"I guess I'm getting a little bit hungry" (causes earthquake)
bunni !
The  old lady aardvark/anteater is betty white,same voice,
Vixy the Wolf
Aw! Minnie is SUPER CUTE!
man disney, you've hired an awesome crew to work on these shorts. that lion omg i couldnt stop laughing 
RobloxMinecraftFan 2019
2:27 It sounds like Frank from Disney Cars.
Umm...Mickey, you could have bought another hot dog. Just saying.
Shnobbs [Go To Other Channel]
Like these a lot, reminds me of the 30s Mickey Mouse
Pamela Wethers
Grrrrrrroooooooooom I think I am a little hungry 😋 ya RIGHT
This leaked Kingdom Hearts 3 footage is really weird.
There need to be more of these.
kyle bremer
this is the story of a man trying to catch a run away wiener for his girlfriend....
I knew that old lady was Betty White
Superstar Yoshi
*H E W A S P I N K A N D D E L C I O U S, A N D H E W E N T H A T A W A Y*
Danny The Great
Longest grumble Minny: I guess I'm a bit hungry YEAH RIGHT
Jessica Bryan
Mickey and Minnie have been together for 81 years, could they at least be engaged e_e
Marcel Van Russel
Sequel: Mario chases an elusive hot dog through New York's Central Park. Spin Off: Nickel Plate 765 chases an elusive fuel oil hot dog through Bellveue's Shelby Park.
Dibujolicos felices
Hahaha! Michey's beastly shriek before entering the zoo.
Justin Buddemeyer
Ive been watching these shorts for a bit and have been noticing that they are homage to just about everything that got them here. They gave back Pete's peg leg, threw in the José "Zé" Carioca in the Brazilian themed short, and in this one they redesigned the lion to resemble the illustrations from the golden books series (The Lions Paw) which I also read as kid. So just a word to those out there who are not digging this new style: It may look like a strange and new hodge podge of everything from multiple decades but I feel like that's what they were going for. This new look helps make their steps back to their roots seem fresh to those who are new to the now expanded Disney Multiverse, while showing old fans at the same time that they never forgot us. I had all abandoned my hopes for the company years ago but I'm watching them again laughing at them like I did when I was younger. This is just my opinion of course, but I think what they are doing is working. I wonder if they will make Donald Shorts and Goofy sports shorts again those were my JAM!
alejandro rodrigiuez
Relationship goals
Jeremy Boateng
1:28 - 1:57 I wanna see this kind of mickey on Mickey Mouse Club house!
Jessica Smith
this one makes me hungry
Little hungry more like a lot
Just sayin', Betty White voiced the old lady whose purse was stolen. BETTY WHITE!! I knew I recognized that voice!
Martyn McMurray
Hot dog, a-hyuk!
I really love how this made no sense at all.
*Stomach Rumbles So Loud It Causes New York to Shake* Minnie: I guess i'm getting a little bit hungry.
Fettige Finger
I think these kind of have a loony toones vibe to them, have they not?
PlushyDom 2004
Mickey’s gone into bada** mode now!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marcel Van Russel
587: I guess I'm getting a little bit hungry.
Cj Melton
putting Betty White in? Nice. Like!
Ω Misaki Ω
Minnie: I guess I'm getting a little hungry! A LITTLE?????!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!
Belle Of The Ball_Xx
I like it when they kiss
AllyTubbies Draw
2:25 when you become a gozillaMickeyMouuseTrump10 Edit:and yes this is my name in a game
Danny Phantom and Sam Manson forever
at 2:33 those eyes yikes!
Bere Beaver
0:41 when you want something
Betty White in a Mickey Mouse cartoon my life is complete
I like how the cartoon lion changes to a semi-realistic lion
was the cop at 2:03 voiced by pendleton ward?
TreJian Patterson
That sounds like a frog cloaking soarly on 0:21
3:03 Regained left glove out of nowhere.
0:24 just noticed Minnie mouse is topless Once you've seen it it cant be unseen
Minnie: I guess I'm a little hungry Me: Gurl you shook New York City! don't go on saying "a little hungry".
Marcel Van Russel
765: No problem, Nickel Plate Road 587!
Sabira Majid
0:18 - 0:28 A little hungry? More like Starving!!! That rumble shook the entire city!
1:52 Goofy? Is there something you wanna tell us?
Name here
I keep pressing 7!!! XD
GoombaStomper4 and SmashFan9
Can we just appreciate the lengths that Mickey went to get a hotdog burglar. It’s incredible...
ract games
*Earthquake* I guess I'm a little hungry LITTLE!!?!??!??!!!?!!?! WHAT!??!
Marcel Van Russel
587's Stomach: (LOUD RUMBLING)
Quick Silver87
1:28 and 2:25 I love how royally pissed he looks! XD
Bendy Plush
2:33 the story of harambe but with a lion
FrostCat Productions
I love how the mothers just ASSUME that mickey did it
3:12 At the left there's a guy who looks like Oswald..(Only the rabbit ears and blue clothig resembles him)
Victor Hugo Galvis Colmenares
0:18 - 0:25 I'd hardly call THAT a LITTLE BIT!!!!!
Nakino Linton- Mowatt
Dennis Duncan
Was Mickey at 2:25 voiced by Godzilla XD
01:50 Goofy? Is that you? What the...
RI stellar •
1:16 bugs bunny reference?
Mireya Albarran
sweet willy 😅😅😅😅
Yanitza Collado
Kissy kissy at the end haha!
Carl McGhee
That Indian walrus haha
Honestly, this looks more like Empire City in Sonic Unleashed than New York to me. And yes, I already know that Empire City is based on New York.
Serena Smith
Mickey and Minnie are relationship goals. #Iwouldchaseahotdogforyou
Christof Play Games
3:23 kiss the bried hahahahaha😚😚😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😙
Eric Nobles
Creati Uravity
How can you trip over a fork
Queen DragonWolf
so they're teaching us to eat off the dirty floor ok
Taimoor Ali
A little hungry Minnie or really hungry
Film Company: Has major success/reputation. Disney: 2:33
katy the hedgehog
Raw like a beast mickey
Tonja Morton
How could a hotdog bounce instead of rolling😂😂😂😂😅
Faith the mythic life goddess
That face ;-; 2:32
This is totally reminiscent of Gogol's "The Nose."
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
this was the first ever short were mickey and minnie kiss on the lips without nothing to stop them
Marcel Van Russel
765: Just the way you like it!
Fi the Philosopher
"little bit hungry"kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Panda Lovers
2:32 was way too funny!!! 😃🤣😂
Jeremy Griffin
Your the best, I'm vanossgamings
Altorf schnittler the führer of the Eu
*Mickey:*Oh no not *hot dogs* *Minnie:*Micky its just a *HOTDOG* *Mickey:*HOT DOGS HOT DOGS *Minnie:*Mickey? why are you saying *Hot dogs"? *Mickey:*HAAAHT DOGS thumbs up of you got the refrence ;)
Marcel Van Russel
587: This is the loveliest walk we've taken that i can remember! Isn't it, Nickel Plate Road 765?
Yes, hello I like pink
Just buy another one-!
1:33 are those waldo and carmen san diego?
Andrew Jackson
1:40 is me when I found out the Wii U failed an Sony and Microsoft won the console wars.