Hope (Short film)

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Hope is a short film created with no budget by people who accepted a challenge. Long story short, it all started with a film festival between high schools around the country. Since the film is done, why not post it on the internet? A short summary, a poor high school kid who has a passion for music, but can't really afford it gets a once in a life time opportunity to live his dream. This opportunity turns out to be just a dream, just like his musical hopes. Director/Cameraman/Editor: Tudor Stupariu Actors: Calin Fenesan Sinziana Popa Cordun (Zizi) Tudor Iconar Ovidiu Minzat Lighting: Tudor Stupariu Ovidiu Minzat Stelian Saracut Special Thanks: Stelian Saracut. Gear used: Probably one of the most DIY films made, we used just the bare minimum equipment. A camera, a tripod, an SD card, and... that's it! The only place we used lights was in a studio. I might talk about the DIYness of this film in a behind-the-scenes/bloopers video on this channel. Thanks and I hope you'll leave some feedback in the comments area. *This film is a submission for FILMMIC film festival

so hope = stealing.
Ma chinui sa inteleg ce se intampla, da imi place ca e filmat in Cluj :)
Nornorminer R4
I will gonna rate this 8/10 Because it was not edited enough Also it's so short that makes viewers want more But I think I get the point in this video Im no filmmaker but I know you still can improve this video (sorry for wrong grammar)
Kaushal Kumar
Nice try... need to work more on production sound... why i am not hearing any russling sound footsteps.. jack plugging in guitar...
Fluto Fanta
It's just a hope. They want to show that point. He saw a guitar in the shop and couldn't afford it. So. when he got a nap, he dreamed about it. That's all.
Michael Hart
The music is similar to the music from the social network
Michael Hart
What was the point of having the girl get stolen from twice? Wouldn't it have been better if the guitar was a mystery, and we didn't know how it got there?
Tudor Stupariu
+Head Ind Productions thanks, I'll check them out!
Head Ind Productions
Nice work!