1951 Decision before dawn

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Película 1951: Decisión al amanecer (Inglés, subtítulos en español). Nominada al Oscar como Mejor película de 1951. Dirigida por Anatole Litvak. Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill and Oskar Werner.

8:30 The man at the left with the cup, mustache and gun on his belt is my father, C.A. "Butch" Amos as Major Richards. He has a few speaking parts here and later in the movie and he was proud of being in Decision Before Dawn. He and many of the other small part actors and extras were active duty soldiers. He was a captain at the time and retired a major. We miss you, Dad.
davide chiappetta
amazing film written and directed in a perfect way, up to the extraordinary tragic and poignant ending that makes the story even more nice, one of the best war movies I've ever seen and the only one who has combined a plot of spy and a plot of war, the characters are all drawn to perfection, the tension grows until it becomes palpable, the only flaw: a voice-over that opens and closes the film; Litvak was not longer able to repeat, although he has created memorable works like Sorry, Wrong Number or Castle on the Hudson (to mention someone)
Dana Briggs
My father, Sgt. H.W. Briggs, is in this movie -- first seen at about minute 21:50 as the sergeant taking Werner from the courtyard and up the stairs. He is also in a few subsequent scenes.
Seen this when I was younger, now older I really like it. In a way, this movie shows the reality of those knowing they were fighting for a lost cause.
We'll never see great WW2 movies like this again. Written, directed and acted by men who were there and remembered. Original uniforms. Accurate history, non biased, free of Hollywood stereotypes and political agendas to ruin the movie. Now we get Fury.
Big Barney
Oskar Werner looks like a young Dennis Hopper.
A very young Klaus Kinski at 10 mins in. He looked and sounded out of his face even then.
Thank you for posting and sharing!! Great film with excellent video quality!
RC Nelson
Oskar Werner was super in this movie, long before Fahrenheit 451.
Back in 1951 film studios evidently gave slow readers, those like myself, plenty of time to read explanatory (opening) captions.  That doesn't happen so much now.  These days you practically have to be a speed reader to read on screen captions.
Thank-you for the up-load. A very good film.
kausmo tumynski
Quite a good film, locations are excellent and so is the authenticity of the equipment and uniforms. Acting is first rate as is script, and direction. That's really the Wurzburg castle, not a set! I was stationed in Germany from 76-80 and spent some time there.
Dural Lexan
Compare with movie Tiger Bay 1959
edo edo
Beautiful film.
Seriously good film.
This was a really good film and I enjoyed it. Being made close to the time it was set in, gave it realism and believability. The ruins of many European cities gave excellent production values. I like seeing films with real tanks, planes,soldiers and battle fields. Everything today looks fake and like a video game because of CGI. Funny thing is budgets keep skyrocketing and nothing seems to be built anymore. So where is the money going ?
Deep Blue
A real gem, very well directed and actors at their best. The superb black-and-white photography, the german cities still in (real) ruins, the genuinity of the locations, the original clothing and equipments (real PAK40s and SPW half-tracks!!!), the vehicles, the characters, added to a great direction gives out perfectly the oppressive atmosphere of the times. I've rarely seen wartime Germany so incredibly real on screen. And I don't think that's just because the film was shot only 6 years after the war, Litvak did a superb job: uniforms, vehicles, weapons, atmosphere, whereabouts, buldings, locations, police procedures, documents, papers, everything is exactly like it really was. Everything is perfect, and that makes this movie perfectly credible, a documentary more than a movie. Living in Germany in '45 was really like this. Really, in every detail. Well, they had no real Panzers so had to come out with M24s tanks but that's least...
Love L
This is a good movie.
Thank you for posting!!  );})
Scott South
Oscar Werner is indeed a man of presence. He once even guested in a Columbo episode, lending class to a TV show. As for the idiots suggesting any WWII European Theater film is "Jewish propaganda"... what the hell is wrong with you?
John Rogan
this movie makes you feel like u r in WW2 in Nazi Germany....scary!....1951...they had a good concept of what had occurred.
Steve Carmick
The movie is made from a book named "Call It Treason" by George Howe. Worth reading, if you can find it.
Jose Torres
Loved it!....Poor happy,he sacrificed his life for those of others."Good movie"
David Rice
Hard to believe so many didn't 'like' this great film!
Vesper Martini
I don't know what it is about this movie, but I keep coming back to watch it again, it's my third time. It's great!!
Alexandros Fotiou
A very good film,and an opportunity to see something of the Spanish language due to the subtitles...
I wish this was in german.
Kelly Guthrie
One of the best war movies, with great acting, photography, and scenery (thanks to the availability of many vehicles and destroyed buildings.
Ol Rappaport
Shocking to see how badly damaged Wurtzburg was still, five years after the war. I was there in March this year, stunning city, completely rebuilt.
Mr Nobody
How "sweet" the scene where the wee boy has a revelation of goodness ! What a load of crap ....... the screenwriter had no idea of how indoctrinated the Hitler Youth were ........ they would report thier mothers for the slightest criticism against the regime !
Jon Hart
The German NCO at the control point is Gerd Froebe aka Goldfinger.
Vince Klortho
This is a great movie. One of my favorites. Oskar Werner was always good. I particularly liked his performance in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.
Prinz Johannes
After a while bombing of german citys (Seeing no influence on the war ) were a crime but only few would admit because they have to face there own evilness and all the other glorious resons to fight and kill are in question so they must deny !
Gene Garren
I started first grade the year this fantastic movie came out. Through the years, I gain more and more respect for it's lessons and historical accuracy. The young German medic did his job due to extreme sense of duty to not only his country but mankind. Sadly branding him a traiter is very unfair and sad. He has served well for 2 years, but the lost of his friend as he said was the "last" in a series of events that turned him to his decision. He was willing to risk his life for his country on both counts, and certainely not a coward. What more can a person do? As for amosnew's dad, you should be very proud of him, and it is obvious that active duty soldiers were also in the film. The equipment, vehicles, weapons, for the most part were actual WW-2 German origin. Add the destruction of the various cities, and towns, added to it all. I visited the Castle at Wurtsburg back in 1975 when I was a Ranger Instructor and TDY to Germany. We stayed on a German Infantry base in Hammelburg. While there I came upon a WW-2 German fighting unit reunion. They were all very gracious to me and especially an older man who had obviously been of high rank during the war. It is truly remarkable how the German Armed Forces in spite of so many setbacks caused by Hitler's mistake was able to fight so many for so long. In the end we must always respect all soldiers regardless of their leaders. In closing, I really enjoy this incredible movie.
George Theofanous
A wonderfully acted, directed, and produced film. I wish I'd heard of this sooner.
Entscheidung vor Morgengrauen ein amerikanischer Film von 1951
Gilda Marlowe
Werner is an excellent actor , as is Basehart
Lily Tyler
good but the translations are distracting
raymond goddard
Many thanks...great upload. Ranks with the best I've seen based on the period.
Adam Mangler
Bloody good film! Thanks.
Rentaghost okish
One of the better WW2 films...interesting plot and characters, avoids lazy stereotypes. 8/10
Good authenticity of the German Reich, like mixed uniforms on the troops being rounded up for the front, the slogan painted on the train, the sign on the hanged deserter. The Geheim list of suspects was also very realistic, I have seen similar documents. A fine movie, especially for a non-massive budget and for 1951. Minor inaccuracies: tanks were  USA post-war ( but this was pretty well hidden at least on the ones with tarps on them; radio in cabaret was post-war model; AA guns in bombed city were too small to deal with heavy bombers at altitude.
william cann
This is a fantastic movie like reticulan5 said great backdrop....right after the war or close to it. Black and white makes this film. Not sure if you could remake this movie and have the same impact. Like to see a studio try....great story based on true events.
VERY under rated film.
The leather jackets and dress uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss I believe
Wow a young Klaus Kinski 10.31, cool!
Pabcde. Babcde.
A very good film. Werner was a fine actor (Ship of Fools, F/451, etc.) who died too young.
This is a very rare movie,showing post war conditions and some authentic German equipment.
Kevin Sheffield
Wonderful to see this intelligent film (no pun). Thanks for posting - thanks big time.
10:28 Klaus Kinski
The Germans actually tried to blow up the Remagen bridge, but the charges weren't strong enough. After it was taken it sank into the Rhine, but by then the Americans had built enough of their own bridges so it wasn't needed anymore. Oskar Werner was indeed an anti-Nazi German who escaped with his family and made anti-Nazi pictures in Hollywood during WWII.
Great movie about a German who saw the good for his country was working against the Führer and following his own conciouns (sorry for the spelling, you get it I'm sure) .
Joseph Sullivan
Interesting to see the portrayal of Germans and their army during the final days. Great movie.
1:33:15 very risky scene, so close in front of running train
The "German" tanks are American M-24 Chaffees, but it's interesting to see that there still were some P-47 Thunderbolts in Europe (at 1:28).
Terry Middlemiss
Really great unusual movie highly reccomnded thanks for posting
Excellent film but so soon after the war it is a shame they couldn't find some real German tanks for the closeups.
Richard Wessen
this was one of the best war films ever made it stands alongside stalag 17 attack and paths of glory.
An extremely young Klaus Kinski at 10:30
Spartaculus Jones
Good movie that makes an excellent depiction of the frantic efforts of German civilians to keep their society intact as the Allies closed in.
Clarence Beeks
This is one damn good WW2 movie that actually works as a thriller. Thanks for the upload. Well worth a watch.
terry johns
Much of DBD was filmed in Wurzburg. The German HQ scene was filmed in the Bishop of Wurzburg's Palace. In 2009 I made a pilgrimage to Germany and stayed in Wurzburg visiting the palace one morning. When I entered and walked toward the steps of the reception hall I was struck by the feeling that I had been there before-IMPOSSIBLE! Returning home I had the good fortune to catch on the Fox Channel the film which I had not seen for 30 years! Indeed, in a sense I had been there before. I mention this in my book, A BRIDGE TO TIME, in which I also picked DBD among my choice of top ten war films. The supposed Mannheim is Wurzburg. The building on top of the hill (when Oscar Werner calls his father) is the Fortress of Wurzburg and the statue shown in the bridge (Old Main River Bridge) crossing is of St. Kilian. As you watch the film remember that it was filmed five years after the war; war time rationing had just ended in Germany and much of the destruction from the March 1945 bombing is still visible. In fact, the city had not finished cleaning the rubble until I was in junior high school in the 1960s. I remark within my book about the bombing and how the RAF aircrews stated that they could still see the resulting fires 200 kilometers away. If you go to Wurzburg today, stand on the flower decorated veranda overlooking the Main river and the beautiful city before you and ponder this after viewing the large glass covered diorama within the fortress museum depicting the city after the bombing. The authenticity of the film is of a high standard for equipment, uniforms and firearms with some exceptions: Most striking is the lack of any real German tanks from the war, US (M24 Chaffee) tanks being substituted and most difficult to understand is the use of a disguised US revolver standing in for a German P-38 pistol (the scene where the Gestapo agent shoots at Werner during the attack by US fighters).Terry Johns, Founder of the WWII Historical Reenactment Society
Steven Torrey
Great scenes of post world war Germany (1951) for a movie about the end of 1944 or so. Suspenseful war movie, realistic.
Kinski was a conscript in the Wehrmacht-captured by the British during Market Garden.
salina mohr
one of the best war movies i ever saw, its exactly how the Ruhr area looked like in March 1945
fede 123
awesome movie
Excellent flick.
10:29 Klaus Kinski :-) Great! But also Hans-Chstian Blech and the awesome Oskar Werner make good jobs.
scott left
The best film of the era in its field.....intrigue and espionage was becoming the thing at the time.....as the cold war was hotting up.....the 3rd man is the most well known but this is easilly its equal for authenticity....oskar werner and hildegard knef were brilliant.....the armoured trucks and cars, weapons and uniforms were so obviously absent in 60's and 70's "wary's"....junk and scrap dealers must have kicked themselves after.
pretty good movie...better than most from that time....I'll revise that and say the best war movie i've seen from that time period
Bill Blinky
Great movie. Maybe the closeness of time to the actual war helped with the reality but I felt it was mostly pretty accurate, especially those emotions of 'doing the right thing versus saving your skin'.
Mary's Catholics
Gem of a movie.
Allan Miller
so many bad movies that got air play too bad but this film is a gem. Well portrayed good acting very real. Highly recommended for a totally different spin on the usual format.
Andri Prasetyo
That kraut guy rudolph barth tiger also playred in The bridge of remagen as kraut capt schmidt 18 years later
Jonathan Stein
First rate classic with a memorable cast.    Thanks for the upload. 
Anton Pictures
Decision Before Dawn (1951) Drama, War [USA:Unrated, 1 h 59 min] Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill, Oskar Werner, Hildegard Knef Director: Anatole Litvak Writers: George Howe, Jack Rollens, Peter Viertel, Carl Zuckmayer IMDb rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7.4/10 (1,441 votes)
Logan Green
great movie!
John Rogan
a cleaned up version of what must have been a living hell each minute!
Ive watched 10minutes. its authentic and interesting
Jim Jones
ultra realistic movie with an unusual plot... excellent!
history repeats it self welcome to the homeland
Brad Bilbo
This turns out to be one of the best WWII movies made. Great location shots. The acting is good and the storyline moves all the way through the movie. The war scenes look really convincing. I guess there was still a lot of equipment and uniforms left over to make this feel real.
Mad Jack Tramper
excellent film, some well known faces "before they were well known" Thanks for the upload.  
harry garcia
harry  I saw this movie sometime ago and its a classic WW2 action or very successful War classic.
What an outstanding film - amazed that I missed this.. Thanks for posting!
Richard Grant
Nice commentary about your father... Thank you for sharing and thank you to your father.
jim track
Wow! What a great movie!
Anatole Litvak directs.
Russ G
Is that Richard Basehart as narrator?
PMT241016 Lynch
Bloody good film!
Jeremy Bear
Does anyone know of a movie that focuses on the POW camps of the Germans while under allied forces care? I can't recall ever coming across one. Thanks for the help
Lord John Whorfin
" A soldier who can't find his way back to his unit isn't much good", said the Lieutenant who doesn't know how to read a map. Ahhh how true...there's nothing more dangerous than a 2nd lieutenant with a map and compass. R.L.T.W.
Jeremy Bear
John Funck
Thank you for this remarkable classic film which I had never seen. Werner outstares Baseheart.
been a long time since i saw this.... thank you.
Alberto Guadiana
RIP happy
pete allen
for god and country
jonathan white
Great little film.
10.30 ; KLAUS KINSKI!!!