Night Owl Security System Set-up & 1080p vs 720p Comparison

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0:55 Unboxing 3:30 Initial Test 6:06 Black Camera Noticeability 12:34 White Camera Noticeability 13:39 Plastic 1080 Camera 17:07 DVR Overview 22:24 Camera Quality Comparison 27:25 Fixing a broken Camera Mount 720p 4Cam/4ch DVR System: /> 1080p 4Cam/8ch DVR System:

Tammy Barnes
I don't have mine connected too internet. I planted them low too view by backdoor and my storage building .my view is awesome!!! Gives me plenty of time too calm down if i see someone that is not suppose too be there. Gives me plenty time too identify calmly get my pistol and shoot at an intruder. !! Before I got it i was afraid I would shoot without camera s. Now I can see what they are up too. Bang Bang
Renato Pereira
Great video despite the burping. Lol
Burp, Morty!
Thunder Nugget
I highly recommend a couple of IR spotlights in select areas to supplement any nighttime (IR) capable security camera system. For instance, if your camera is facing out in your backyard, it's IR distance is limited. But if you place an IR spotlight on the backside of a tree facing out further towards the back (not directly visible to the house camera) at, or about the distance limit of your night vision, you will get more over-all range from your cameras, where otherwise it would just be black. Time to A$K the wife. lol
mr. Sal
You have amazing patience trying to repair your camera.
As soon as I heard you talking about letting it chooch, I had a feeling you watch AvE. Suspicion confirmed! Subbed for that alone!
we are the factory of night owl in China. welcome wholesale orders.
NoahBones 12
4:43 I see an awesome jeep cherokee XJ
Richard Richard
I have mine hooked up and within 6 months it started making a weird noise and now I have NO SIGNAL. I unplugged, cleaned and reconnected everything and I still Get NO SIGNAL>
Jake Mcfee
Dude, this is the best review video of the night owl security camera system on youtube. I had never dealt with security cameras but i'm a tech savvy guy and so i spent all day today trying to switch 8 already installed cameras from an old broken dvr to this night owl dvr and get those old cameras back on running. I literally walked up to a giant pile of different cables without any identification. Power splitter missing. No manual, no instructions. I dealt with the 1080 and 720 cameras. I pretty much spent the whole day on this and through your video i confirmed lots of things and learned others as well. Very well done!
C Becker
Nice burp at 4:58 dude!
Probably one of the best reviews on a camera system I’ve watched, thanks for the useful info!
not bad cams at all. i got the wireless 1080 4ch version, after buying the 8 ch wired for less to get home and find an opened camera box with a smashed cam inside went back to best buy turned outto be the last one of that model (on sale to boot) so i talked to the guys at customer service and said if they knocked of 50 bucks from the wireless 4 ch id pay the difference (the wireless 4ch was also already on sale for 100$ off) so in the end i got a wireless setup with less channels for 50$ more than id already spent (i said knock off 50 and the manager came back with "i can do 60 off for your time,never really liked best buy but that was an excellent expereince...also gives ya an idea of what they pay wholsale vs the markup on retail)
Augusto Adunas
Mine didn't come with the Audio Cable, the CD Software stuff, or the remote. I am not able to hear, or speak to the cameras.. Do I have to buy the Audio cable separately?
Plumdog Millionaire
Your address is 420 😂 Nice review btw. I've been looking for home security cameras as people keep stealing gas out of the Manche. I'll definitely consider night owl
Roma Artemov
well "I don't know" buuuuuuuuuuuuurp ..... lol man
Georgia Lujan
I've had these cameras (4) for almost 2 years and the resolution is awesome, both day and night. My problem is the damn beeping. They are suppose to sound an alarm (or so I thought) when motion is detected so I assume this beeping is Night Owl's version of an alarm which wouldn't be so bad BUT 1) every slightest bit of motion sets them off (like a moth, a cob web, shadows, leaves moving, headlights flashing, etc.) and 2) I could never hear this beeping if I were asleep or even in another room. So, what do I do? I have adjusted the sensitivity and the privacy zones dozens of times but nothing seems to work. I would be happy if I could get it to beep ONLY when it detected a person AND if I could increase the volume of the beeping. Am I asking the impossible? Note: I currently have them set up to view on my TV, my PC, my ipad, my Android cell phone and a separate standalone monitor but I have the beeping turned off (it's driving me crazy) and I have disabled the 'push' on my remote units for the same reason.
Holy ridgelines, someone really likes em.
DeLa 13
Why those it stop working when I go to work like if it only allows it to function with the same WiFi?
Giljr Gnosis
Hey can't they just cut the wires. I feel like a professional criminal would cut those wires super fast and smooth
I noorzai
Did you Burped @ 4:57 ?!!!!! hahaha
Eugene Thompson
Nice setup, don't think anyone will steal that
Horse Power
It's not easily take apartable lol good shit
Matt Wiggs
Damn bro someone loves hondas
Toppo the warrior of freedom
I get no signal plz help
Just me
the more high resolution setup the more eating Hard drive just remember it
A. Smith
very thorough... thank you.
Bro did you just burp on your video ? lol 😂
It’s cash homie
The system I’m looking at is 4K and is only 85 degrees of view. It’s a night owl. Weird right
Food Porn Network
Of course a 1080p camera wont work on a 720p system, even if it did, it would not be 1080p anyway. And why didnt you show the resolution of them during daylight? Night vision is always lesser quality ugh
Kaitlyn Huang
Kaitlyn Huang
Kaitlyn Huang
Twinkle Baby
Hi. How long does the 1tb record and how many days? Can I delete videos so space is restored?. I'm worried about if it will record and will I have to purchase more space
Luis Rivera Lopez
Nice presentation, you help me clarifying many questions. Thank you!
I have the same night owl and the dvr not start
Gilbert Estrella
If I want to hook four more cameras up do I need to buy another power cord?I have the have the night owl 720p system by the way
Who burps like that in the middle lof recording? You probably do the same w farting 🐽🐽🐽
Cruz Cisneros
How can I get my cameras to record all day and fortunately I didn’t see this on your review???
Carlos Santana
I already have a 1080 HD surveillance cameras installed in my house, just bought 2 more 1080 HD camera night owl, the resort can not see in the screen but the camera work in the other DVR.
Thumbs up for the effort, but still a crappy picture . 4K gives you nice detail.
Raw2929 Will
Can this view on my phone
Angelgyalgoodie Wilson
How do I get off the beeping sound in the DVR it driving me crazy
Do I need to have this connected to a computer- I’m sorry if this question sounds kinda dumb I’m not really a tech wiz
D Hall
Can you set it to get notifications on your phone when you're not there?
How do you get it off the zoom screen
Leslie Villa
Can you stream footage to your phone?
Anybody knows if this system records sound too at the same time or only is video recorder?
Riley Anderson
So there's no time stamp?
Peter Crowl
Word of caution: I just bought this set from Micro Center where they were on sale for $199. Unboxed it - no software - no documentation of any kind. On the outer box it states that these are included. So I called Micro Center - was assured I'd get a call back - never did. Repacked it and drove back to the store where we went through 5 other sets - none had software or docs. Now it's possible they changed the offer and now you download the program but there was nothing on or in the box to suggest that. I want to keep a $200 set from a company that can't even pack it properly? No...I'll find another way.
Franky Flores
can i plug this dvr into my smart tv or do I need a special monitor?
jesus varela
great review but somehow i am still disappointed on the quality on the night pretty sure if someone steals something at night, since you cant see car plates or faces at all
sergio hernandez
I have a question, since I am using a dell computer as a monitor for my cameras, I attempt to right click my screen in order to find the main menu. The only problem, is that I doesn't let me click. Can someone please help me, by telling me how I can record while I am not at home. Do I need a router? Or is my att wifi box okay?
Najna Chowdhury
Do you need Wi-Fi for the cameras to record and function?
khira zlaoui
if camera = covert = enable is pressed, what happens to it?
the eabster
Can you run the 720p on the 1080p system. I might have missed this new my already mentioned it but figured I'd ask
Hieu Ngoc
how to setting for laptop?
Nicholas Valenzuela
Did you find that you needed more that the 60 feet of cord or was it sufficient?
Stinky Potatos
That yard is a mess
why would you get camera that need cables when you can get wireless?
Bobby Coates
i have this system i hade a halloween infatable stolen and vid was not clear a nuff to make out a face in the dark about 15 20 foot away good systom but you need to buy better night vision cams this systom will not show car plates as showen in this vid i hope this helps you
Are these waterproof? Would they get damaged in the rain ?
Brett Langlois
Do you have to hook up this system to a router?
Jeep Plug
Fist comment👍🏼✌🏽
Tulio Lopez
Worse pice of crap. I regret buying this piece of shit.
This dude retarded.