August Burns Red - Composure

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Jeff Bain
Man they've grown so much. This album was SO good.
Mahluk Konspirasi
Remember when they had so much hair? Pepperidge farm remembers
Austin Willis
who's still listening 6 years later? 😎
Austin Kaleb
Smash that MF like button if you still listen to this banger 10 years after its release!
Skylar Ruloff
Jake traded his hair for muscles.
Oziel Prado
Shake it off Pick yourself up, they say Your life fell apart in your hands And you've got the scars To prove it It's not the first time, and they're getting Deeper Pull it together Button up your shirt Roll down those sleeves Don't let them see how you've coped It's not the first time, and they're getting Deeper More and more your demeanor looks like quicksand More and more your demeanor looks like Quicksand! It seems like you're giving up Giving up on everything you worked for It seems like you're giving up Giving up on everything you worked for It's pulling you under It's gripping around your throat It's pulling you under It's gripping around your throat It seems like you're giving up on everything It seems like you're giving up on everything It's pulling you under It's pulling you under Life can be Overwhelming But don't turn your back on The strongest crutch You've ever had (you've ever had) They have always been there to Brace your fall Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead You've got your whole life to lead You've got your whole life to lead It's time to gain some ground!
Troy Baker
Is it just me or do Jake's vocals at some parts in this song sound like Winston's from Parkway Drive?
ABR the type of band to turn someone from nothing to something.
Chad Smiley
there is so much more power in building others up rather than tearing them down.
Zakk Rios
There is no tomorrow. Never give up. Stay mentally tough
My favorite song of all time. I'm getting a 3/4 sleeve designed that has a lot to do with this song.
Carl J Martin
Christian Medellin
who's going to their Messengers 10 year Anniversary tour??🤘
Jess Rodriguez
I discovered ABR at 17. I was searching for songs from different bands to download for my mp3 player and 'Composure' was listed first from 'top 20'. I fell in love right away. I'm now 25 and still a HUGE fan of ABR. Always and forever!
i miss the old metalcore like dis :(
Colin Kasper
When Nickelback comes up as the advertisement for August Burns Red :(
Nafarious DemonWolf
Why cant everyone like metal Were a dieing breed reborn over the internet...yet where still few in numbers
Christoph Dirnbauer
this is a masterpiece
IBlametheMedia 1
Composure and meddler. You can't beat those tunes.
Jacob Cheney
I remember when this song didn't even have 50k views :')
Thomas Pflanzer
I've listened to a lot of good progressive metal music in my life and have fallen in love with many breakdowns, but the breakdowns in this song will forever be my favourite . Chills everytime .
Korri Roth
I became a DIE HARD fan on this band at the age of 15 and literally have never loved a band ever as much as I love them still, and I’m 24 now. This band is talented beyond their time and continue to impress me with every. single. album. It’s absolutely insane.
*attempts to headbang hits head off desk* Mom: Hope what do you listen to? Me: JUST LET ME HEAD BANG TO THIS MOM
Adam Artz
"but the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself" - Nietzche
Tristan Kaseman
His arm is so naked
Hearing this track for the first time, was the first time I ever heard metalcore (or whatEVER!!) and I felt fuckin mindblown it was soooooo freakin good and still is. I never get tired of this band and especially not this track, even though its been like 3-4 years I heard it the first time.
Iszaham Sukor
2016 and still listen to this, and still dope AF!!!
They sound very similar to killswitch engage tbh!! i love it
roll down those sleeves, don't let them see how you've coped. I've been listening to this song for close to a decade now and I never realised how much it applied to drug abuse til I lived it. god dammit. what a great song.
Bryce Walburn
Jake was so skinny and had so much hair!
Jordan Gouillard
3:09 I almost broke my neck with that heavy breakdown and the riffs ;D
When they played this last month in Denver I lost my shit
"Wave goodbye to the past You've got your whole life to lead" Totally resonates at this point.
What kind of guitar is JB playing?! Certainly doesn't look like an Ibanez. But I know that's what he usually plays.
The drummer had three feet, i don't see how else he could do that.
that dude is too cool the way he was swinging the microphone around, he sure does know how to perform 😎
Plib Housen
Kind of reminds me of After the Burial with the screams and intricate riffs, but these guys are in a league of their own all together. So bad ass and intense. 
Brian Coiro
Who else is here getting ready for this tour
First song I ever heard from this band, and it fossilized so much of my appreciation for this genre that day. The drumming is insane, the lyrics are so heartfelt and meaningful, and the band is so dedicated. Thank you guys so much, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. :-)
Héroe Sin Capa
Lorenzo Rico-Juarez
3:22 Iron Maiden - Trooper???
daniel mcintire
Marlon Davis
that last breakdown tho
Jack Prince
the sight of all of those cabs is heavenly
How crazy would it be if Matty Mullins featured on their latest album?
Christian Medellin
anyone else watching in 2016?
Alex Spotts
Who ever is listening to this in 2018, give me some likes!
Hey VEVO just a few words of advice. If I am watching ABR a link to then watch Lady Antebellum (eww) may not be that well placed. I tolerate the pop ups but at least make them relevant to the genre perhaps?
2018 anyone?
scott Benson
I got to meet these guys 2 weeks ago. they are very humble. it was honor to talk to them a moment I won't forget one of the best shows I've seen. I'm getting ready to see them again for 10th time in February. if you have not seen them live do it. They will always be my favorite band.
xSniperz Vic
1:30 - 2:06
Sean William Scott is tearing up the drums!
Sebastian Krein
Is there an official statement from the publisher explaining how many China basins were destroyed during the recording?
Hunter Dead Island
Still one of the greatest drummers of all time
Adrianne Owens
its crazy that their a Christian metal band! and by crazy i mean crazy good
BD Bapao
Who's listening to this in 2016?
Seth C. Puglisi
2017 and this is still ahead of the game.
is that Ryan Reynolds on vocals?
A velvet Nightmare
august burns red is so badass they don't need makeup, long hair, or pale emo white boy skinniness
Awesome Melody
2:40 lolwut?
Brandon Goodman
2:07 - 2:21 gives me goosebumps every time.
Taurat Myrzakhmet
drums in this album sounds unique
Commissar Evan
still one of their best songs! Favorite album of theirs too besides Thrill Seeker
haha Jake was skinny then
GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie
The ending guitar lick thingy is so fun to play!
Imagine how weird it must've been recording this. All playing without electricity
This was uploaded on my birthday 6 years ago. Wow.
Becky Robbins
11 Year’s later and the song is still amazing!
takes me back to freshman year of high school :)
RickY doO Da
this was the first ABR song I ever heard and after all these years it still sounds so fkn good!!!!
matt greiner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Gouillard
I had to work on a very important project for my career but I couldn't see the output.... I was stressed and overwhelmed but this song helped me alot by sending me good vibes and motivation to succeed !
Still rockin out to this song in 2016!
so encouraging wave goodbye to the past youve got your whole life to lead I love it
efecan ozkan
AILD, ABR, PD, BMTH have the best vocalists
Svetlin Sofiev
This song is so amazing! I just can't get enough of it.
Bobby Brostrom
best august burns red song.
Korri Roth
Will never get over how amazing this song is
katarina Martineau
Mr Feast
This song helped me cross a hell-way of my life through the past years... It's a fact
Kolton Anzaldi
saw them in concert, best mosh pit ever!
Colorado Man!
This song is sick even after getting into all this hipster music thanks to my high school friends haha I still can't stop pressing replay.
Who's going to the 10 year messengers anniversary ?
Brandon Snow
3:06 is the beginning of the most amazing part of a concert i was ever in
How many guitar cabs do you need tho
Nick Gonzalez
My favorite local PA band
Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ
Totally fucking love this album!!!!! good times tho
Benjamin Torres
I wish there was a higher Def video of this
Christian Johansen's cover of this is amazing.
John McClane
1:16 never gets old
Shawn Page
I absolutely love ABR. But their new songs just don't seem to punch you in the face anymore if you know what I mean.
Christian Macon
i likeboys
Came after seeing ABR's facebook post the other day of Matt shredding the drums for this song. It's pretty epic, check it out.
*sigh* They always trip....
Rosa Flores
loved the drumm!
Emily Hamilton
First ABR song i heard, still one of my favs! Hands down they are the best band in their genre, hands down! They are wonderful people as well, kind hearted and down to earth. Matts a freaking robot i swear! love them!
Dan Rojaz
One of the best songs ever written in the metal genre.