Tokio Hotel TV Episode 14

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Yohana Cuy
2:32 *sees 50 Cent* "Part of the inspiration is 50 Cent," ((((((((((Gerard Way vibes))))))))))
NRJ music Awards! 😍 la France était très contente de vous accueillir !
DC 19
And the winner is ... (e o vencedor é ...) Georg: Here it is!!! (Georg: Aqui está !!!) Bill: We got the NRJ award ... and i'm taking it home! (Bill: Recebemos o prêmio NRJ ... e estou levando para casa!) Bill: The moment before they announce the winner feels really strange ... it's hard to describe. (Bill: O momento antes de anunciar o vencedor parece muito estranho ... é difícil descrever.) Georg: It's way different than the excitement before a concert. (Georg: É muito diferente da emoção antes de um show.) Tom: I got goose bumps when they announced the winner. Does that happen to you too? (Tom: Eu fiquei arrepiado quando eles anunciaram o vencedor. Isso acontece com você também?) Georg: Oh yeah, it happens to me. Tom: What about you Bill? (Georg: Ah sim, isso acontece comigo. Tom: E você, Bill?) Bill: Same for me! The second i hear the winner's name my heart also stops for a moment, ... (Bill: O mesmo para mim! O segundo que eu ouço o nome do vencedor, meu coração também para por um momento, ...) ... then my heartbeat continues and then it feels like it stops again ... it's also really hard to breath. (... então meu batimento cardíaco continua e então parece que ele para de novo ... também é muito difícil respirar.) Georg: Hold on a second, guys. (Georg: Espere um segundo, pessoal.) Interviewer: Are you happy? Was it fun? (Entrevistador: Você está feliz? Foi divertido?) Tom: Super happy! Fantastic day, we won an award and i looked fabulous as usual ;-) Everything is perfect. (Tom: Super feliz! Dia fantástico, nós ganhamos um prêmio e eu parecia fabuloso, como de costume ;-) Tudo é perfeito.) Tom: Cheers to me! Bill: Cheers to me ... cheers to winning this award! (Tom: Felicidades para mim! Bill: Felicidades para mim ... felicidades por ganhar este prêmio!) Interviewer: Did you expect to win? (Entrevistador: Você esperava vencer?) Georg: Are you kidding? I mean look at the other nominees in our category: 50 cent & Justin Timberlake, ... (Georg: Você está brincando? Quero dizer olhe para os outros nomeados em nossa categoria: 50 cent & Justin Timberlake, ...) ... P. Diddy, Maroon 5, Linkin Park and at the end of that list was our band. Keep the competition in mind and ... (... P. Diddy, Maroon 5, Linkin Park e no final dessa lista estava nossa banda. Mantenha a concorrência em mente e ...) ... that should answer your question. Winning "Best International Act" is unbelievable - (... Isso deve responder a sua pergunta. Ganhar o "Melhor Ato Internacional" é inacreditável -) beating Linkin Park, who are rocking in the whole word right now, is a huge honour. We didn't expect that to happen. (bater o Linkin Park, que estão agitando no mundo todo agora, é uma grande honra. Nós não esperávamos que isso acontecesse.) Georg: We'll go to the "photo call" ... the whole world has to know that we won this award! (Georg: Nós vamos para a "foto chamada" ... o mundo inteiro tem que saber que ganhamos este prêmio!) Bill: It's so hard to grasp what's happening to us sometimes! We just have to say that we have the best fans EVER ... (Bill: É tão difícil entender o que está acontecendo conosco às vezes! Nós só temos que dizer que temos os melhores fãs de todos os tempos ...) Our fans are always there for us, they rock the house whereever we go and that is the best thing EVER. (Nossos fãs estão sempre lá para nós, eles agitam a casa onde quer que vamos e essa é a melhor coisa.) We are so happy about this and that's all we can say. (Estamos muito felizes com isso e é tudo o que podemos dizer.) Interviewer: Are you aware that there are so many young people here in France who want to learn German just because of you? (Entrevistador: Você está ciente de que há tantos jovens aqui na França que querem aprender alemão só por sua causa?) Bill: We heard about that. It's so weird since we never expected that we would do something good for education. (Bill: Nós ouvimos sobre isso. É tão estranho, pois nunca esperávamos fazer algo de bom para a educação.) We can totally understand that people have difficulties learning a different language since we are not very good at it. (Podemos entender totalmente que as pessoas têm dificuldades para aprender uma língua diferente, já que não somos muito bons nisso.) Tom: This is probably the first time that our old stupid German teachers are proud of us! (Tom: Esta é provavelmente a primeira vez que nossos velhos professores alemães estúpidos estão orgulhosos de nós!) TH Staff: Okay, let's go upstairs again. (TH Staff: Ok, vamos subir novamente.) Bill: We are going to the airport and will fly back to Hamburg, Germany ... luckily it's a direct flight. (Bill: Nós estamos indo para o aeroporto e voaramos de volta para Hamburgo, na Alemanha ... por sorte, é um vôo direto.) This was really a successful trip. We won the NRJ Awards, we had a great performance and ... (Esta foi realmente uma viagem bem sucedida. Nós ganhamos o NRJ Awards, tivemos um ótimo desempenho e ...) we got to visit this beautiful city. Hopefully we'll be back to Cannes soon. Best wishes and see you next year in Cannes. (nós tivemos que visitar esta bela cidade. Espero voltar em breve a Cannes. Muitas felicidades e até o próximo ano em Cannes.) Interviewer: Have a good flight! TH: Have a good flight. Thanks ... (Entrevistador: Tenha um bom vôo! TH: Tenha um bom vôo. Obrigado ...)
Fifi Vonmonroe
"Tom:This is probably the first time that our old stupid German teachers are proud of us!" HAHAHHAHA NICEEEEE
Callisto X.
wtf is Gustav doing? 1:41
Best Fans... Bill talk about us *--*
Manda Panda1989
He did burp lol
pedo smile ;)
Signe Hiller
Haha, 0:10 Tom's face :D :D
1:41 - 1:43 Gustav behind xDD LOL
Hayley Smoke
really ?? =)) they are funny
Iem Coolas
They were lol. I saw in one episode (cant remember wich one tho) and Bill said he was plastered when he went to get the award lol
Hayley Smoke
3:06 the twins seem drunk xD love TH
Cristal Suriel
that shit was funny as hell lmfao
How old were Tom and Bill here? was this 2008? or 2007..?
These guys r always drunk. Mentally. Life keeps these guys sky high!
James Kalcifer Osborn
Adrija - Vilija Liepina
I think Bill's drunk :D
Terah Dawn
Haha, Bill at 1:00
Kacie M
Un me too lol
LOVE THE WAY TOM CALLED BILL AT 1:28..LOL <3<3<3 he was asking BILL.. then Georgie answered lol.. so he just had to demand his little brother to listen to him more when he's so concerned about him.. <3<3<3 D'AWWWWWWW.. TH totally DESERVES HAPPINESS like that!!!!!!!!
Iwirna Wilda
bill really like to talk and story everything :) and tom just come to call bill because bill keep talking :D
Banshee _97
@AlbeitWeird he must be pimp xD
@afirocks2008 oh, i've never seen him before
@afirocks2008 whos that??
0:10 Tom's evil smile! *_* I looked fabulous as usual! HAHAHAH! My favourite guitarist is an egomanic! :P
aw, bill at 3:11 he looks soo " we are so cool, yeah man" <3 TOMIII<3<3
Evdokia Mina
TOM..♥..AWWWWW..♥♥ i miss TH TV..!!!!!
amber berry
I love Bill at 5:29 the best :3
lol at 3:10 Bill burps
Laurel June
3:12 Sexy Hexy Bill!
this might be weird but I have no clue who those other people are I know a little of linken park because of my friend but I firstly know Tokio hotel from when I was in Russia watching music videos.
Gee Pee
0:08 til 0:21 xd hahahahah love tom me tom kaulitz 4 eva tokio hotel for life
Aurelia Grace
@xSceneCuppyCakex me too :)
haha at 5:29 i thiink bill is still a little tired.;) sweeet.*_* ooh and tom is soooo hoottt.:D <3
Frances Curiel
is bill drunk cuz hes doin all thses kind of sexy faces omg!!
i really think gustav is wasted in the beginning of this video!!! lol
Meghan Farley
I love all Bill's sexy-gazing at the camera in this episode.
Emelie Wivast
3:07 they're sooo drunk there haha x) cute...
Gustav so cute! 1:42
Stella Kleyff
BILL is so freaking hottttttttttttt meine got!!!!!!!! 0.o
bill doesn't even care fans touching him~~~
Emelie Wivast
lol gusti in the back at 1:40 and bill almost looks drunk at 3:10 goofy <3
Storm Cloak
LOOL they were so drunk XD
Pau Lina
2:20 so cute twins :) - on me - on me too ;DD It was so adorable!
@emmartinez25 With the love triangle that was going on between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke i could see them in a music video for that song.
These guys are cool... I heard their music for the first time Guitar Hero World Tour, they've been part of my motivation since. On a side note, I think "Naruto" everytime I hear Monsoon.
Not that it matters much, but I'm a guy who can recognize an attractive man or woman, if you know what I mean ;)
He's flirting just like a hot chick ;) Sometimes Bill confuses me... but it's cool thou :)
Did anyone else notice tht Tom barely drunk his at first?
aleakim ttobba
1:41 - 1:44 Lol. Gustav!
Genevieve CS
It's so cool that Mika's "Relax Take it Easy " is playing in the background after they get the award. I love both Tokio Hotel and Mika.
FailPlayZ Backup
okayy maybe 18 nearly same thing ;DDD
FailPlayZ Backup
how are they underage? they were 19 in this ;) just to let you know x (Y)
Ashleigh van Graan
I meant to say look instead of like. lol
Ashleigh van Graan
They all like so underage, like 16-17.
D g
hahha gottA luv em!!:D
Rhyan Eddy
Hitler looks better then these dicks. The fuck why does the lead singer look like a girl? gross
hahaha :) im learning german bcuz of them!
double Kaulitz buzzed sexy face time @ 3:07 XD
exactly!! LOL watch out for cops and PARENTS!! Who knows? Sometimes you meet them (dowtown for example) while you are drunk... (when you're supposed to be sleepin at your friends') that's not a very comfortable situation lol
Marianela Noemi
lol gustav is sooo cute at 1:41....hahahahha
I don't know if it's the same all around the €urope but it's like that in france. But bars are not allowed to let you drink alcohol and supermarkets can't sell alcohol to people who are underage. But some bars and supermarkets let you buy their alcohol probably because they want money, however the age of the customer! Anyway if policemen find you downtown for example with a Vodka bottle... you'll be in trouble!! LOL
in france you just need to be 18 and you're allowed to drink any alcohol =)
oh tomi! :D! jajajajaja he is so cute when he talk! ....
3:07-3:13... Someone drank a little too much! lol 3:07 Bill's Left eye was all drizzed and slopping and he was practically crossed eyed the whole time... 3:11 Bill burped out shampeign gas 3:13 Bill is completely disoriented. *First he does the impression of a drunk Jack Sparrow with the eyebrow raise and then fallowed by the "huhhh?" as he has no idea as to whats being done. Oh, Billy... You're adorable even when your wasted. Bill es me amore das Ich Leibe! :)
En français: Cariline de Monaco?? Caroline. les cheveux de Tom sont si longs, crinière léonine. (for understand what I wrote use a online translator like google, systran...)
xD 2:24-2:26 soo cuteee!! =]
Felix Anne
It sounds like he is talking really fast. Okay, I don't speak German, so what the hell do I know. Is that how fast it naturally is? I know, I'm a dumb ass. ;p
vee zeng
3:07-3:13 lol bill
Lea Duncan
Bill looks gorgeous with out his makeup. :D
Lea Duncan
Yes Bill did burp then snarl at the camera. that was hot! Idk why!
Elizabeth Dimitra
lol i find it hilarious too! its like their fighting over who theyre having a toast to XD
aww at 5:30 how bill is lying on the bed *O*
Samantha Bulgin
I didn't realize Gustav was this big 4:19
Nana TK
does tom still have alchohol at 5:42?
Nana TK
i love tom!!!!!!he looked so hot at the awards!
Erin R
im trying to learn german.. its hard haha
marcos kaulitz
1:45 yay bills ass he he i love bill
Pamela Michelle
bill is so cut and funny wen he burp
AWESOME!!!!!!! X3
yu yu
OMG!!!! eVERYONE LOOK AT 3:12. Look at Bills face expression. He iz drunk! He's like smirking at the camera and moving his eyebrow and some real retarded stuff. AS LONG AS IT MAKES ME LAUGH!!! #1 TH FAN!!
yu yu
At 0:10 tom looks like he jus raped sum1 and got away with it. Lmao!!! gota luv em'
Do you mean Bill??? Because Bill walks up to the camera at 3:11 and burps...
Sarah Harper
they look drunk at 3:07
Sarah Harper
i love tom he is so sexy
I love the sound that Bill makes after he burps at 3:12.
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Jeraldyne P
"final day" is the song obviously by tokio hotel =D
Adrianna Graz
0:11 LOL. tom is likeee, why hello.
Tomisha Childs
@3:07 Bill and Tom are looking like "You wanna fuck with us bitch?"
bill makes me laugh my freaking head off
hahahah from 1:41 to 1:44 gustav is just having a party in the background.
Alice Nguyen
wat are they drinking? O_o
colette carter
3:13, lmfao at bill. :]