Jennifer Lopez - Aint It Funny ft. Ja Rule (Live at Bronx Concert) [Neighborhood Session on TNT] HD

Jennifer Lopez perform "Aint It Funny" at her Bronx Concert (Neighborhood Sessions on TNT) All copyrights to TNT.

i wish that j.lo & ja rule get work together again ! it's could be amazing !!!
Naz Islam
Ja still gets love straight up
Luca 98
👑👑Queen JLo👑👑
Why is she lip syncing to ashanti's vocals? SMH
Nabingurung Life12
no matter what time changes or what or jlo getting old I just don't care she is always my queen lop u☺
Diegardo Sofovic
Jlo using Ashanti’s voice! What a big fake she is!!
Diana Martínez
Where I can watch online the Neighborhood Session of JLo ^??? Please help me!!!
They look like rittlers
Dreke Wright
I wish Ashanti keep this song ain't it funny instead of jlo.