HUSQVARNA 560 XP! The best chainsaw in the world! HUSQVARNA 560XP!

HUSQVARNA 560 XP! The best chainsaw in the world! HUSQVARNA 560XP! Nejlepší řetězová pila na světě!HUSQVARNA 560XP! Najlepsza piła łańcuchowa na świecie! HUSQVARNA 560XP! Лучшая бензопила в мире! HUSQVARNA 560XP! Die beste Kettensäge der Welt! HUSQVARNA 560XP! #gardenandforest #husqvarna560xp #560xp

Christa Langfermann
Ich arbeite im privaten Holz machen selbst mit der 550 und 560 xpg und bin immer am grinsen wie Geil das Arbeiten mit den Profi Sägen geht .... springen immer gut an und schneiden wie Sau !
Маньяк с рулеткой!
Nice job, lake crazy man!)))
Mexanikys Yar
Ахоенеть как пилят. Пила и вальщик зи бест.
Simon Hopper
I enjoy watching u work, every move is smooth. Like u were born to do this.
Josimar Diogo
Marca de motocerra qui eu não quero nem di grassa
Garden and Forest
Podporujte kanál našich dětí! Podívejte se na úžasné videa malých chlapců!
Marek Synowiec
such a nice vid!! You're making serious job with a cheerful atmosphere! Greeting from Poland!!
Mordas Mordasov
У нас говорят: не тот хороший работник кто хорошо работает, а тот хороший, кто любуется своей работой! 😊😊😊 Super job! A good worker is someone who admires his job!
Фархат Сыдыков
Дело мастера боится👍👍👍
Дима Диковицкий
maestro of chainsaw
Very Nice video, How many trees you cutting in 1 day ?
Vien 6688
the saw is too good invite you to play
RADU de la Maramureș.
Good video /560 XP max 20_bar /562 XP max 28_bar /3;8 chain ,sow 562 xp is the best powerful chainsaw y think cheers.
Kjell Arvidsson
The best. Greetings from Sweden.
Paul Clark
Your first fell was a lash up! More of a step.cut with little or not directional felling hinge... quality work - not...
florintraian rotari
Super video...imi place...
Hello, please answer my question, does the top of the 562xp engine fit on 560xp?
stefan koprivica
Where is your 572xp?
Specialized 29er
Good to see a professional taking safety seriously.
Olivier Fachinetti
Super vidéo encore une fois 😉😉
Robert Kelly
always thought shtil were a great saw until i used one of these babys one day best saw ive ever used. great video and my god thats a super sharp chain👍
I do not have words... this is so amazing that I'm speechless... You are an artist, keep on the marvellous work and provide more clips like this..! This is simply FELLING BEAUTY..
Pandur Alex
I enjoy watching your videos.
Marc B
impressionné pas la facilité du gars , surtout au début quand l'arbre est entièrement coupé et qu'il ne bouge pas .
This guy loves his job and hes damn good at it to
Ionut Aanei
mic mic de tot.
Michal Divis
Moc dobrá práce!! Pěkný macek :)
Sergio Martínez
The lumberjacks are spanish?
Bart Price
Which Ninja Turtle is this?
Stas Filipov
как профисионал, что скажиш про Efco MT6500 ?
Anonimo Anonimo
Siembra otro !!!
Petr Nemo
Pan PILOUS by mohl víc povídat, bo co řekne a jde to slyšet, to perla :-)
Aaron Stuart
I enjoy watching your videos they are very interesting.
Bruno D
bonjours nice video 560xp bar 18"? .325 or 3/8"?
Richard Simpson
None Better Than This Guy!!!!
one day his fanciness will turn into sorrow.
Nice vidéo liked 👍
Ronald Strout
I would use a longer bar.
supreme12 . cz
Dobry video 👍👍👍
Andreas Dries
Stihl Ms 500i 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Your chain's a little dull there comrade. Might wanna move to a 36" bar, but I guess you'd need a real saw for that.
Lukáš Danko
Nejlepší pila na světě jinak dobrá práce klobouk dolů
What makes it best? Explain in 1-2 minutes please.
Frantisek Janosik
dobra prace,ide ti to..
Ricardo Andrés Gallego
que clase de arbol es?
tony pazek
Husky 560 and 562,the sound of music
* Hanter
Husgvarna 👍👍👍
Do you like the Husqvarna 395xp???
Andrzej Zawiślak
Zlamam co najmniej 10 przepisów bhp dotyczące pilarza.
Владимир Устименко
The best channel for the fellers. Take me to work.
Roland moreno
Is this Star Wars
Мирось Мото
Прикольний чувачок
Coleman Herefords
Good-sized 🌲👍
Peter MacDonald
Several attempts to tidy up cut, ? Looked like you we going to do in one.
nick hunt
" The Dancing Lumberjack! "
George Georgiadis
Darth Vader in Orange jump suit
How much trees in one day you can jik jik?
Wht kind of tree?
MongoSaqqara RadCats
Guys a little badass...reminds me of me at that age.
Thanks the tip for warm start problem in the beginning.
Dawid Romański
Chain saw Husqvarna 560 XP the best 🇨🇿 🇵🇱
Jak šlape FM rádio ? Jak dlouho vydrží baterie ?
Mathias Schaffer
Super Video perfekt gemacht
what lenghts are you cutting it in ?
Fabrizio Rotoloni
is this better than the 572 xp?
Bartosz Grzecznowski
Kyle Richards
That's not the best saw in the world.
Is 572 broken?
Rok Cenčič
What do you recommend. 560 or 562?
Ilan Bucaille
Where are you saw there trees and why it is not a mechanized
Louie Lopez
Awesome Chainsaw. Why doesn't he use a longer bar? 👍😀😎😁👀
Mark Howe
Anyone who considers themselves a top feller and agree with the supposed (skill) of this video is not a true logger
Rajveer Chauhan
is this saw machine on fuel then how long it can run with a litter fuel
Great video!
how many times was the repair ?
Norbert Opaliński
Dolpina ps180
Oliver Maximini
Dieser Mann hat KEINE AHNUNG von professioneller Holzernte. Beginnend beim Starten der Säge, über den Fällvorgang (siehe UVV) etc. Alles grob fahrlässig!!! Er findet sich nur unglaublich cool.
Radim Maňák
stihl ms 462 is better ! ;)))))))))))))
Zdravim Garden & Forest. Uz som videl par tvojich videí, ale este ani jeden jediný krat som u teba nevidel cisty a bezchybny nedorez....😕 Ano husky je najlepsia pila na svete to je bez debaty,ale jedine v poruchovosti.
Mathias Schaffer
Top Forstfacharbeiter!!!!
Doesnt start like the best saw ;).. just kidding this thing is gold! And you have it sharp like a razor!
wojciech gorny
Husqvarna 560👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
ibaraki kikori
sawchain is 95-76E?
Дмитрий спил деревьев
на хунскварновские клинья денег нехватило )))
Petr Špinka
best chainsaw in the world nechtěla moc nastartovat :-D
Dan's Saw Shop
What happened with 572Xp? Do you like it?
Franta Očička
Tak ten mněl aspoň 2,5 kubíků 😄👍💪 Optimální vánoční stromek do pokoje 😄. V sobotu se nemaká 😂😅
Mila Kubelka
Spolehlivost design a zatím co moji známí mají husqvarnu tak na ně dávají jen Stihl řetězy stihl je prostě moje značka a stojím si za to
Mila Kubelka
Vy dáte na Švédy jo? Stihl je lepší
Matt K
Lol the 560 an ok saw but is by NO MEANS close to the best saw in the world. Sorry to rain on your parade. But your probably one of those if you sold the 560 and bought a Poulan, all the sudden the Poulan would be the best saw in the world.
dario hoß
I think stihl ms 880 is better
cameron flick
this dude is dumber than an ashtray on a motorcycle
Peter Kucka
Ale no že najlepšia DD Stihl tak nič ? Pekne video . Vidno že profík .
Still Checkin'
Best feller ! best saw ever made ! :)
Argus Schmidt
Psicopata mata bosques !!