INSTANT Freeze Spray! | 10 Strange Amazon Items

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What did you guys think of that TANK skateboard - DOPE or NOPE??? If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my PAPER HELMET unboxing video here! ➡
Destiny Mick
Did you know its raining outside?
"Attractive or not" No. "Now the pants" RIP tanner
Without his beard, Mathias looks like an older fix-it Felix
Tocko Licious
I have a can crusher cuz I collect cans and cash them in to the scrap yard. People can make fun of me if they want, but I got $12 last time I cashed in and when you're broke, $12 is good LoL 😆😂 I save them up for a month outside, then cash them in when I need money. So the can crusher makes my job hella easier!! I'm the crazy person picking up the cans off the street when I walk to the store. Free money and cleaning up litter in my neighborhood!! LoL
10:52 who else saw the spot for an umbilical cord...
Salad Socks
Dude get Luna’s reaction. But love your vids. 👍
No One
Instant freeze spray: 40% liquid nitrogen 50% half of Antarctica 10% magic ice dust from the dwarf planet Pluto
Min 14:06 for Freeze Spray.
Bomzitis Lv
19:25 I'm am 15 how did you know??
Sophia Renae
"Its ok to be a man" Matthias 2018
William Viking
"He never did" .....
1 Proud American
*🖖MAN SPREADING👍* *Be who you are.* *Not what others want you to be!*
Fouz vlogs
Did you know it's Raining outside.... Yessssss it's RAINING.....
Kimberly Grawe
17:17 Term is called Object Permanence. The more you know.
payton narine
I'm young have have a bunch of friends (I'm apart of) that love yugioh we play almost any day
PowWow Animations
I like your beard, it really brings out your ears.
2 bros/ The 2 bosses
ive seen a more manly beard. it was longer
Beast 78910
It’s ok to be a man ~Matthias 2018
M Rogers
For anyone wondering, what Matt was referencing @ 17:17 was *object permanence*. It’s knowing that physical objects continue to exist even when not in one’s view.
Satan Darklord
Tanner you are correct Yu-Gi-Oh is awesome
Charles Umholtz
12 minutes 10 seconds I wanna shout out
Swizzle stick.. Make any drink sexy. :' )
Diane The dino
Keep the berd plz cuz if you don't I'm gonna gag
Buffy Cary
Props for using a "Feelin' So Fly" by Toby Mac clip.
Ellis THL
Swizzle sticks... MORE LIKE SAVAGE STIX
Shahid Mehmood
Can you give me the floating fidget spinner plz plz I love your vlog
enderxaus mystery
It said umbilical cord on the tooth holder!!!!!!
Usera Naem
The beards fine but it's a bit long for him. response?
Jason U
It's called object permanence. Wikipedia: Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be perceived (seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way). This is a fundamental concept studied in the field of developmental psychology, the subfield of psychology that addresses the development of young children's social and mental capacities.
Kim Schultz
I save cans and drink carbonated water like la criox (I don’t know how to spell) #NotificationSquad @DOPE or NOPE
kaydee reusser
I subscribed and hit the bell icon
Saiful Nizam
" Did you know it RAINING out side"💦
Takis gas.
I almost cut my finger
Can you show the footage of luna next video pls?
Stefan Sharak
17:17 Object Permanence. Thank me later.
Natural Hair Goddess
Nobody: Mathius: “Did you know it’s raining outside ?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CrazyChickenNuggetAddict 03
18:17 Awwwww! Luna's reaction was adorable!😍😁
Shiba Plays
14:58 when Matthias said “ none fwamible” 🙃
NoRae Song
I'm an oral maxillofacial surgeon. You'd be surprised how many people ask me if they can keep their teeth. Since I graduated I haven't gone a single work day without someone asking if they can see or keep the tooth or teeth that I just pulled out. Also, extracted teeth are a biohazard, and do require extra regulations from OSHA on disposal for bloodborne pathogens. Extracted teeth that a patient doesn't want cannot be incinerated so they can't be thrown away in red medical bins. Teeth patients do want to keep cannot be stored in that wooden box lol. They should be stored in airtight plastic and in a Clorox solution AFTER they have been cleaned in an ultrasonic unit by the doctor. Any teeth stored in that wooden box would be lost, because there's no way to keep air from coming in and turning those teeth brittle and falling apart once you touch them :). It's a nope for weirdness and practicality as well!!
Stefan Khomych
how'd u guess my age lol
I think his beard is sexy! 👌
The beard is amazing
Sean Ross
I heard TobyMac - Feelin' So Fly
Nope 7
Type in Grizzly Adams he had a bigger beard and more manlier.
jack7783 jack7783
Hey Matt going to tell you I’m 10 😂
baGby Sepins
my mom kept all me and my sisters baby teeth and hid them from us in her drawer so we would ask any tooth fairy questions
Jason Frederick Agapito
Dope or nope:matthias’s beard.DOOOPEE!!!!!!
Harumi_Chan BuniiEditz
Everyone should stop hateing on the beard I like it its dope
Parker Green
"Spread your manliness" can be taken wildly out of context
metallic knight
Yo Yu-Gi-Oh is the coolest and I'm 18
TG universe
Are you related to Osama bin laden 😂😂🤣🤣
Spear Vlogs
Abdul saboor
when those miny captation word things come up can you please leave it on for alot longer i have to rewind pretty far just to see what it says p.s note to editor
Jacob Black
why would we complain i love ur beard
Death Strike Gaming
It's good for the aspertaim lol The freeze is just canned liquid nitrogen
Tanner Brant
Flip the airasol can upside down and then pull the trigger
Mike Brenneman
4:39 ow shiny
Tony_ TheGOAT
I like how he was just saying how people who don’t were helmets are dumb then just went out side with the skateboard and didn’t wear a helmet 😂
Okok so go to the 19:26 mark in this video and wait for Matt to say "15" (as in the age) he practically guessed my age lol... Alright bye
Devin Johnson
I watch all your videos and like them. I subscribed
Rikkkardo David
0:12 "it's raining outside" 23:43 they go outside and it's sunny 😂
Teegan Ray
I’m 15 and can confirm Tanner acts about the same as most of my grade acts😂
Player X
"Its like people, who dont wear helmets, its just dumb" *next clip riding skateboard without helmet*
Matt Williams
Shout out to the few other Matthias's in this world and no our name isn't Matthew and it's not the same thing 🤣🤣.
Willzone02 Gaming
You say pop is bad for you but gezz juice is worse then pop man by far
Brandan Mcdonald
Wow you actually read comment lol🤣😂🤣😂
Покойся с миром ххх щупальце
Make a baby edition so tanor can find things for luna( i hope you see it and I hope you do it) like your videos😃
freeze the rain for crying out loud
Holly Davis
I’ve drank a drink from this restaurant called time machine that had dry ice, so I’d like to believe it’s okay to consume. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
lil' timmy
Lax Croix is so good, all the rich fancy people drink it but its literally from the Midwest. Good ol' Midwest am I right?
Eric Scott
"I'm gonna get her reaction and here it is:" *snap* He never did. That made me LMAO!
"What's up guys I am Matthias, and it's raining outside" *video ends*
Tyler Wallace
Not as manly as you can get but your beard is amazing bro. Coming from a guy with a beard yours looks good man!
Nerdiest PotterHead
I honestly love your beard it looks good on you 😬
Amber Shaykett
I love the random "did you know it was raining outside"🤣🤣
Ziggy Z
Them: ITS RAINING ☺️😊😇 Me: it's raining 🙄😤
Matthias: Did you know it was raining outside? Me: no Matthias: Its raining outside Me: You already said that Matthias: hey tanner its raining outside Me: seriously... Matthias: ... Its raining outside Me: ... Matthias: Its raining outside Me: *Shook Intensifies* YOU SAID THAT A MILLION TIMES ALREADY!!! Matthias: Its raining Me: *punches monitor* I'm gonna watch it on my phone... -7 mins later- Me: *throws phone off roof* #NotificationSquad DGDTHFTHGFHFDAHGHGFHGFDADFHFD
Joshua J. Herrmann
Mathias, any chance the can of super freeze had an ingredient list? My work place uses a similar product thats is literally liquid propane/butane in a can, for removing gum and candle wax
Alicia Crawford
I've heard that some people keep only the first tooth. I love your videos you always make my day the past three weeks have been bad but I sit down to watch Dope or Nope, REKT, Team Edge, Hi-5 Studios & Totally Trendy they all make me laugh y'all are awesome wish I could meet y'all I'm from North Carolina
Jam And Peanutbutter
for the can crusher i would buy it because i find it satisfying to crush a can
Angelica Wilson
here,s what ill say: ailen: hay mo mo mo mom : mom: yes : ailen: my butt is poop now:mom: what? :ailen: yes mom i smell my butt :mom: wth am i doing now? : its a meme i made up ;-;
I love your beard it’s so awesome your beard is dope
Alpha Wolf
Stem cell research says to at least keep 1 just in case smth happens to ur kiddo and they need the cells from the teeth.
That one girl named silence
Dry ice is used for making home made root beer and other beverages to add carbonation. It is completely safe.
I loooooooove Jen's hoodie 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤
heyy bunga
I was waiting for luna reaction and then... "he never did" im shook hahah
Jake Rusakevich
You don’t need a swizzle stick for this you can just put dry ice in the drink and have the same affect. We did it in science class once
Keira Manson
Brylle Jayson
matthaias: Its ok to be a man femminists:😠 TRIGGERED😠
I was litterally described in this video "15 and like yu-gi-oh"
Anel Teddy Esterhuzen
Lol 18:17 instant let down. :'D
Zoey Chaffin
#notificationsquad I love your beard! It looks on you!
Quastix x
I have the exact can crusher. And i use it for beer cans primarily. Works well! #lightbeerCuzgoodbeermakesyoufat
Bst Gamer
Hey did you know its raining outside???? [XD]
World war Historian
When you lose a tooth after a couple days it cracks and turns to powder/dentist knowledge #notification squad
I couldn't help but notice it was raining...
Ludmila Bianchi