Mooncake - Rain In The Ashtray

Mooncake is a Moscow post-rock band comprised of two guitars, a bass, cello/keyboards and drums. The band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and become quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. By now Mooncake shared the stage with such bands as God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, Russian circles and also toured Russia and Ukraine. The ideal balance between rapture and grief has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature, their music is a perfect example of intstrumental, lyrical music without vocals. In the end the band came up with its own style and sound that one can easily recognize. In his review of the band's new single "Cast the route" (2009) Jordan Walz ( wrote: "After a successful debut album, Mooncake has released a single that points toward changes in the near future. I'm more excited about this band than I've ever been. Cast the Route witnesses a sophisticated band that has defeated its demons and seemingly nothing is standing in its way for a knockout sophomore album. Russia has long been waiting for a band to champion over its Western competition. In a few years time, Mooncake may be that band". Today Mooncake is working on new material for its second LP that is planned to be released in 2011.

this channel is dead for a few years now, I keep coming back and I can't stop but wonder: For a dead place it's pretty alive
Thank you Mooncacke...
NeverEnder Gaming
First time I heard this song, I loved it. After some time I didn’t save it and I ended up forgetting the band and song name. For 5 yrs I searched for this one song. I knew it had Moon in it but I couldn’t ever find it. I kept thinking MoonPie?? Lol I just ran in to it the other day while I listened to instrumental music! Wow.
4:26 onwards.........The sound of our inner conflict
C vL
Their music is just so good. It makes me feel like I'm in a different place somewhere far away and it gives me a mixed feeling that I could never bring to words.. just keep making music, please
μ. Χ.
!! :D
to fall asleep?? your mom is a bitch
hahaha. She's aight (;
Dude, your mom is awesome
it is my fav band <3 these musics i almost can fly
Holy Spirit
lol i can see that. Its always about nature and ice or fireworks or skies and city lights XD Its always around that theme.
Indeed my good sir...or m a'am. Indeed..
Christopher Lemon
this and the american dollar has to be the most under-rated band ever!
Tarvo Metspalu
Different track at HD quality ;) !
Yes ma'am! This style of music (Post-Rock) is probably my favorite. it means so much, and you're can create your own meaning to lyrics that ar enon exsistant. It's quite releaving :) I in fact stumbled upon this while listening to Sigur Ros :))))
Shivá Lou
Margarita Raiden/Zer0
your mum was right and not only because of that,but you choose what the song is about,about how it makes you feel,unlike songs with lyrics that have a specific meaning already.That's if you agree...
Justin Orr
ha for sure, that's what im doing now, ^-^ thank god for, another good band is 'dorena' my favourite song by them is from the window of my room, simply amazing. almost makes me want to die
Best thing to do: Cover up the sidebar.
Лазарь Волков
Rodrigo Capucho
For the duration of this song,I was in heaven. I was alive.
Jessica Sudeyko
My dream is to write music such as this. This is by far my favorite band. I am so glad I stayed up that extra hour going through youtube videos. This rules so hard.
melancholy rapture....
When I was younger like about 13 or mother would tell me to listen to music with no lyrics, Beacuse your brain didn't have to think as hard while trying to fall asleep..... I now see why. 'Cause this IS. AMAZING.
Talking about Explosions in the Sky in the description, I can hear a very strong influence of this latest group on this music. very similar style at least. No wonder I like it so much post rock, I'm lovin'it :)
Eril Ezareth
wow..nice instrument..especially the cello..greeting from Malaysia..
i didn't knew that band until now! the song is just lovely! i adore the journey it takes you on ... an infinite dream
fernando eternidad
best post rock song foreva and eva!
I love that agalloch is one of the tags : )
Yusef bene Yaquba
Best sound ever!!
NanaEra Sensei
Thank You Rachel-Chamsy-Tram.
Bryan Jacobs
Absolutely amazing song...
awesome as the way...great would be nice when you could post the link in the information box from the picture....i cant find such pictures in googl
Nabil Nakim
just found this gem, im addicted to this song, helps me get through a bad breakup, buries the past and opens up the future. Thank you Mooncake for this masterpiece
Burak Boz
I'm really in love with this song.Mooncake
Visiting this in 2019 start, after so many years, but the sense of time dissolves with (certain) music, doesn't it
l v
i love it....
misterjohn john
Justin Goldsmith
Hey you should check out the new work from Riley Breckenridge (ex-Thrice). You won't be disappointed...
hazeeq azhar
I wonder what Kind of music this is,no voice only music...