Traxxas X-Maxx 8s ESC Fire Take TWO!! 158MPH Mugen MGT7 Speed Run PB!!

** Latest 1-30-17 X-Maxx 84+mph FULL SPEED CRASH **First Fire Link**: />World's Fastest X-Maxx quest for 100mph gets a new replacement ESC (electronic speed controller) from manufacturer from China this time a New 400AMP High Tech/High Amp ESC that does exactly the same as the previous 300amp ESC, IT GOES UP IN FLAMES FOR THE 2nd TIME!! All electronic accessories were replaced with new ones receiver, cap pack, etc. This was to eliminate any problems the X-Maxx truck had with the previous setup ESC fire. I am having second thoughts about this ESC and manufacturer. I have another ESC from them in my possesion and debating if I should give it another shot. They say 3rd time is a charm or in my case 3rd time could be another blazing inferno! Sheez! Please note I never revealed the name of the ESC manufacturer in my videos due to continued testing to see if this ESC will stand up to the speed run goals/abuse that I put it through. I rather be the only sole guinea pig rather then have many people experience the same fate I am having by pre revealing the ESC maker with out the proper testing. Plus experiencing a ESC/LIPO fire aint no joke and down right dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. Luckily I have experience a few of these and no what to do when it happens. My experience, loss or improvement wil be your gain. I think once my testing is finally complete regardless of outcome, I will eventually reveal the ESC manufacturer. Stay Tuned! Mugen MGT7 1/8 scale previous personal best was at the Poseidon Speed Run even September 2016 @ 142mph. This test and tune run was powered by NEW Roaring Top Lipos which made a big difference in comparison to the Turnigy Batteries we use. The weather was 50 degrees and when the batteries warmed up I was able to hit148mph first run and 158mph on the second run. The 148mph was done with a short distance and the 158mph run we drove the car to the starting line with more distance further back. Thanks to Bay Area Fast RC for suggesting this. Also, using some new custom foams done by Rick Seffrood from Gone Bananas Racing Skinz. Special Thanks to: Junlin/Norman Roaring Top Lipos Junlin/Norman TP Motors Jose Cordova Cordova Motors Rick Seffrood Gone Bananas Racing Skinz Craig & Mike Delta RC Antioch Shout out to Bay Area Fast RC (Pete) and Enuf4u (Julian) for coming out enjoying New Years Day and capturing the moments. Thanks for watching please comment, rate, and most definetely subscribe if you like what I do "Chasing Speed and Having Fun!!"

I swear that traxxas quick release was a genius thing
Andre Natale
I would never buy another esc from that brand again
Danny Bax
Lol... You're not getting it... And will continue to burn ESC'S on the X-Maxx this way... There's no point in having a 300 or 400 Amp 16s !! ESC if your only using 8S..... That sucker will burn each and every time no matter who makes it. Go up in voltage!! That will lower your amp draw for a given amount of power.... Take a look at big electric speedboats or even properly converted 5th scales , they all run a minimum of 10s or more 😉
Yes blow on that fire to stop it.
Ibrahim Akmal
I also had one same thing happened these things are not durable
Jason Dunbar
The xmax sounded like it was cogging from the take off each time and when it went up in flames
JM Speck
Thats some serious bullshit.... sorry brother..... esc looked no good !! Great work u were balling left a com trail !! Congrats again welcome to the 150+mph club.... RCFL BROTHER 👊🏼way to bring in the new year !!
Paul Tiburon
The esc needs more power if you'd run it on say 12s or 14s it nmight not catch fire it's over drawing the the lipos and catching fire
Pushing through
Wow, crazy and I thought my slash was fast at 70 mph LOLZ
nick varvarezos
what brand type of gyro u using in the mugen?
that's crazy two esc's up in smoke. Nice run!
Emergency shut-off system: *exists* ESC engineers: Nah, we don't need this.
Rich Entertainment
Straight up badass. Best ive seen hands down! #rclife...
Tony Fresh
technically if you crash it doesn't count lol jk great video.
spaat L
hey there, i think i know the name of the esc, 👽 thats right??😂😂 i run my rc car with 14s, the esc costs much more but it works great, no heat and no 🔥, mgm compro is best choise for high amp setups👍👍
Joseph Dingwerth
That mugen sounded like a rocket ship.. awesome build dude
Flyboy Guru
Dang, crash once and you'll have to buy a whole new RC..
Throw it away and never use it again!
It's hard to say without specs but if that ESC is rated for 8s, I quickly thought 4 possible explanations: 1: Mosfet are not designed to take backward current and specially no reverse voltage. So if there is no any external safetydiodes the mosfets internal one could have overheated -> short circuit -> more heat -> fire 2: Manufacturer failed to understand alternative motors behaviour and forgot that motors also have resonance frequency, causing extreme voltage peaks that safety diodes can't filtter fast enough (Yes diodes have 2 main characteristics, switch speed and current. But only one can be good) 3: ESC program error that let one wire "float freely" and gain massive voltage peak that breaks safetydiode or the mosfet itsef (mosfet is diode and very sensitive about voltage) 4: Another ESC program error (very unlikely) that both positive side and negative side mosfets are temporally closed (electrical term) same time, causing direct short circuit in double H brige. (it might look ok in program but in reality mosfet needs time to get open again)
john richardson
Read and study the science of motor/Esc/battery combination.
Lucien Laffargue
AVA Magnetic Levitation
NO AIr Flow kills em every time.
Mr Crow
is it becouse of the heat or the constant driving?
Cliff Baize
Sounded like the Xmaxx at the beginning... Sounded like the pinion gear mesh was set too tight against the spur causing extra friction. I noticed the extra noise at very low speed right when you're starting to first accelerate, i hear it for the first second or so. That can cause heat build up, slow you down a tad, and damage electrical components. But not sure if it would fry the ESC that quickly. Defintely seems like you know what you're doing and having fun too, I was just commenting on what I thought I heard. Have fun with those drag RCs, and thanks for the cool video! I enjoyed watching it
Man if you can get past the ESC problem your gonna put up some great numbers with that X truck. Sorry about the fire. Never want to see that happen.
I would have ran into the fire to stop if from burning too... that sucks bro. Fire video by itself would have made you a boat load of videos ... Well at least not a total loss .... send video to company requesting new esc Then the other company for new batteries :) Good luck man ! Ps For speed runs you should have 2 GPS .... you will have a lot of guys questioning your run... I can tell you broke 150 Great pass
It sounded like a jet was landing @3:10. Excellent vid,well done.
I like the E30 on bottle caps. Looks good!
Jan Domingo
holy!!! that is lightning fast dude 👍
Model RC
Why do speed runs with a monster truck styled rc xD and they're not meant for 80 mph
VAG Central
Put a fuse on it so you dont damage your esc next time
Pedro Bermudes
Oh that is awfull, fortunally i've never experienced something like that. There is no problem on loose the ESC, send to gurantee and should be ok. the real problem is the whole RC.
Doing big thangs! Congrats my ninja
Crazy Funny Cats
Fuego!!! Siempre Fuego!! Well not really, but I think maybe you should send that back to the manufacturer if possible. I dunno, maybe you should get a small fire extinguisher, one that works on electrical fires. And gloves, so you can strip the car quicker. Great work btw.
tomasz radomski
400 amp esc burned. LOOL
Where are you located? I'm in the Bay area also ;)
Joe Strickland Sr
Sorry for your mishap bro, congrats on pb, 2 👍's up.
I dont think hyperventilating those battery fumes are good for you.
ha ha that's awesome love the idea of someone trying to make a monster truck so fast
I don't think I could give them another try, at the risk of losing the whole truck if it happens again. Nice run on the Mugen! I got the car almost ready have come out and meet up with ya'll
Congrats on the runs amazing but sorry to hear abt the esc I almost bought tht one too still have it saved. What model Cordova are you using?
Damn not again, well the Mugen made up for the X-Maxx's fire @ 89mph. Congrats on the hot ass pass, One Luv!
Sorry about the mishap but glad you caught it when you did. And mad respect for testing before promoting!!
Jason Reacts
It's crazy to see an RC car go 158 miles an hour, I know a little about RC cars, I have Traxxas X Maxx 6s myself, but that last one is f****** ridiculous
we had similar chinese esc, lasted 2 pulls then died. As far as i can tell no one has any luck with them. "on a real high amperage drawing car".
The Real Talion V3
The very high gearing and weight of the truck caused the flames, but youre right a 400 amp esc should've handled that.
RC AVENTURE Vincennes France
Waho that was awesome as a fire fighter. The car is very fast Mugen
Richard Fife
If that hit you.... Game over. You need to get well out of the way of that thing. Amazing!
Cody Burns
You need to fpv on speed runs. Just try it.
nick varvarezos
great run bro .. how do u keep it straight are using gyro.?
james krapish
Hey dude, where did you get those foamies for the xmaxx?
Ben Turley
Dang this road is too short , man!
Scary speeds if that hits some one haha Also from the first run the time the esc burn down why don't u have a fire extinguisher on hand instead of blowing at it and risking one of the lipos exploding or something in your face lol Good job none the less
Congrats!! Brother. Great way to bring the new year in.
The Potato
Great video man, I love this channel because its something that I hope to be able to do and achieve at a point in my life. Right now I've got a traxxas bandit vxl that goes around 70 and i am working on getting it faster. And on a side note what kind of gps do you use for recording the speed. Thanks and keep it up.
Tim Bond
I know how frustrating burning up brushless components can be. Here is something to think about. I believe you said that esc was good for 16s and you were running it on 8s. with brushless motors and controllers as the voltage goes up the current (amps) go down. So it could be that you are drawing to many amps running 8s. I had this same problem and I found as I increased voltage my esc ran cooler. It is the exact opposite of brushed systems. I am not an expert on brushless systems, but I do have some experience with them. On the other hand 150mph is freaking awesome! I hope you get the gremlins worked out in your Traxxas truck.
Ran same turnigys they were off enough to short my mamba monster something is odd about them ohms were off identical packs I'd watch them to awesome pass congrats
Michael King
One thing I know is esc fires good shit though
Reino Brown
i thought ESC stood for escape
Oswaldo Castillo
Cheap high voltage ESC! Thats what it is lol a good high voltage esc runs around $500-600 if i remember correctly.
Philip Jolley
sorry for the loss of esc again.. but congrats on mugen passes. big #s..🖒
congrats on the new PB. im missing some big numbers. glad you were able to get to the truck in time.
That was bad ass bruh, congrats on that 158mph.
Tyran Ducksworth
that's why I stick with nitro
Angel Fuentes
Lmfaooo its a xmaxx not speed max you good ball
This is why i still run nitros i have never had one burst into flames.
Space Storm
I wouldn't give them another shot. I have been running those exact same battery's in my x-maxx with a XL2 installed no problem super cool temps, had the ESC for 4 years now
just use a e-bike esc, they are cheap and powerful
Why did it fry,catch on fire
drongo jonkins
Thats nuts. I dont even know how you can even see it to steer going that fast.
Tedd Nibble
Poof goes your $
yes I'm using a castle creation external bec pro and a rc hornet cap pack
yes I'm using a castle creation external bec pro
James Andonian
using a 800kv castle motor?
Mr Highpower
Well damn!!!158!!!!! congrats on the amazing new p.b. bro👊Hate to see the xmaxx esc brun up again..You running next weekend?
hell no dont run that bullshit nomo and nice pb congrats
nick varvarezos
for mugen I mean lol
James Andonian
What motor you using
James Andonian
What motor in the xmaxx? Im guessing a tp5670
Cory Michaels
mgm all the way. a little more to tell setup but we'll worth it.
Manolo Alatorre
thats too much cells, i see the way you drive brian, you gonna get killed
fire + 158mph has to get thumbs up
Death is coming for us ALL
That's not all that impressive, I've got a Walmart brand RC truck. And it was clocked at 159 mile an hour. I'll put a video up in the near future
Sucks on the XMaxx fire. But GREAT run with the Magen! Way to hit it out of the park!
Chris Oly
I think it's not ment for this no matter what you put in it
Robert Drinkall
I'm an electronics man, and I can tell you now trying to get a ESC to handle anything like the power that's claimed is just not possible for their given size. ESC's are a big compromise in design for this type of job, you can't use Hi-power solid state components there's just not the space! so lots of small FET transistors tend to be used wired together to try to handle large amounts of current their just not designed for, the amount of heat generated just to handle 20amps is huge, a 40mm heat sink & fan may keep it alive for a while, ten minutes a pack, then let it cool for 20 minutes before running again. Now we see very high powered brushless motors & high current Li-Po packs often running at 22-28 volts, pulling anything from 100-200 Amp's or more? No ESC you can fit on board is going to take that for very long, manufacturers are getting desperate, they know it can't be done to the size, small heat sinks even with two small fans just can't disperse that amount of power, they do what can be done & hope it gets an easy life, but that's not the way things are going, extreme speed & heavy loads are the order of the day! This is why you all most never find a ESC sold with a Guarantee, all they could guarantee is that it will burn out, it's just a question of when? I run RC8 on 6 cells LiPo with a 2400kw motor, so far I've burnt out two 150 Amp controlers, the problem is not helped with the fact that when I stripped them down I found 18 FET's on the top of the pcb in contact with the heat sink & fan cooled, but there was another 18 FET's on the bottom of the pcb without any cooling what so ever!!!!! Guess what ones had gone! It's better to stick with 10th scale the power demand is not so bad, but this large scale monster stuff is always going to have trouble with ESC's. I'm not paying out for any more ESC's for the RC8 until there is breakthrough in design, will run my Hot Bodies D413 instead, not so demanding on power. ☺
Micron RC
Smokin.😁🤣😅😂 total bummer.☝️
Just like Castle, too many failures, won't buy.
PLEASE NEVER Emergency unplug Electric Components with your Hands! NEVER EVER!!! Glowing cables and molten plastic just need 2-3 Seconds to burn staight to your bones, cut your Flesh and Tendons. You will get reminders to this Moment by handicapped fingers to the rest of your Life!
Wow, I would not give them any more chances unless they were replacing the esc AND everything that gets damaged in the fires as well!
Steve Leahy
I wouldn't go with another esc again
Jacob Devereux
Use the Hobbywing max5 or 6 for your xmaxx
Terry Ambrogio
why are you running a 16s esc on 8s you should be running it full 16s 8s will pull to many amps
Guy Bourassa
158 mph!👍👍👍
Tim Castleton
Sick bro!!!! I'm hooked now. Forget my drones!!! I want Cars!!! Lol thanks
Patrick Barnes
Nothing wrong with it put alil tape on it and send it!!!! 😁
Jeff S
I just realized where this was filmed at, damn bro you in the area.
Jay Raxter
I think, if it was me, I'd drop the manufacturer even if they were sponsoring me. Especially now that the 8s X-Maxx's are due any time (for an extra $100 though). Which means the 6s ones 'should' go even lower (I hope). I just got (another) T-Maxx 3.3 to go with my other 2....but I'm TURGID for an X-Maxx. I'm a basher not a speeder so the 8s, while extremely cool, isn't important for me just yet. Good Video...good to see you off the crutches (?) too... Jay