Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live

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Pipe Guy
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His mother probably slapped him with a flip flop once... and that's how he made his first mixtape.
Ed L
The knowledge we can still get that electronic beat after the apocalypse is comforting lol
Bro: So what kind of music do you listen to? Me: Well... it's kinda complicated
C Bass
I just want to know how long it took you to figure out the correct pipe length per note? That’s good shit.
2 minutes before I watched a guy smash a bucket with drumsticks from my recommendations and now I scroll down further in my recommendations to see a man smash pipes with his shoe soles 10/10
Caiti Madd
Say what you want, this guy puts a lot of "sole" into his music.
Just Astro
2014:no 2015:no 2016:no 2017:no 2018:no 2019: sure why not put it on everyone’s recommended
when youtube recommendation finally gone right.
Anonyme Person
Blue man group wants to know your location.
fishy fingers
Legend says he's still there, drumming away with a 5 foot beard......
i got so many subs by commenting
mom: *_'JOHN, WHY IS THERE WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR?'_* John: *_'ehmm... NO IDEA'_*
Moussa Traoré
1980: In the future there will be flying cars 2014:
Louis Mustards
Dude's persuing what brings him joy, which brings others joy to see. As far as im concerned, you've made it.
James Sanchez
Every person standing there watching needs to drop at least a quarter! That was good..
Plumbing instructions not clear, ended up making epic pipe instrument.
Aquatic Adventures
He's been fired from 6 plumbing companies but just look at him now!
I hate people who try and get fame and the spotlight by going in a very talented person's YouTube video No shade, I just. I just can't
He had pipe dreams which are now reality.
To the EDM lovers...isn't it nice to see a live performance from scratch? :) <3
Badri Mohamoud
On another episode of “Weird YouTube recommendations that came out of nowhere in my feed but I clicked and I actually enjoyed”
Thad Nakao
I would buy a van and install him in the back
people standing there, not applauding, not tipping. if you enjoy street music always support
Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman
The guy's obviously been hitting the pipe for many years.
Jakob Keeton
Me trying to fit in at the school dance 2:34
GCSE Teached By A Student
Who came here because of the best drummer ever video?
My man's playing an acoustic synth
Wasteland Gypsy
its good to know that even in the post Apocalypse there will still be electro music
Rejin Paul
Youtube decides who will be famous and when. Not skill, Not talent, Not hardwork, Not passion. - Youtube.
Richard J
Wayyy more people should have been tipping! Especially those with phones recording...
imagine if he had 3 hands..... mind blown
Andy Rumfitt
Thats some epic crash bandicoot music right there!
Normal people: you cannot make cool sounds without synthesizers People who have seen this: watch the Pipe Guy
Zander Caufield
Father: So son, what kind of job do you want when you grow up? Son: Well, it's little more than a pipe dream...
What instrument do you play? "Pipes." Ahh the pipe organ. "no no no, PVC pipe with flip-flops." Huh....
Kas Beda
It's not hip-hop it's flip-flop
I want him on my team if the apocalypse should come. Need some music.
Heyo There Im Supreme Calamitas
Somebody: Pipes aren't instruments, they can't make music. Pipe Guy: Holy my beer.
I think I'm impressed by his timing more than anything else!
That dude trying to dance and stealing the spotlight is annoying
Raindrop, droptop, this guy be hitting pipes with his flip flops
Febriandi Mankin
How many times i watch this video again...and again. Awesome techno harmony
The CMC Squad
Wow he even played seven nation army by the white stripes, now that's my man
Danimal 86
these flip flops are made for drumming, and that's just what they'll do! one of these days these flops will play in front of you!
Honk Honker
If I saw him doing this on the street in my city I’d give him a 20
Arthur Dent
I bet he has a flip-flop brand he prefers, what a badass.
Harold Cordova SOG
I kinda feel pity for his lap. Lmao😂
Russell kirkham
Don't ask me why but some of the beats remind me of Battletoads.
I love the part where he hits the pipe with flip flops Edit: 3 LIKES?! OMG THNX Edit 2: wow 8 likes! Thats The Most I have ever got in my life! Thank you to all of you!
Алекс Гершел
Ахуенно классно филя и басков отдыхает
Street actors and musicians like this are easily the more impressive and talented people out there, why doesn't the world focus on them instead of manufacturing pop stars out of undistinguishable people in talent shows?
Praveen Rav
Integrate your pipe music instrument with other music instruments and then perform stage shows. You will not need change anymore, millions will flow.
The Comment
Scottish person: When I told you to learn how to play the pipes, this isn’t what I meant.
holy shit, it's acoustic dub step
King A
I can't imagine how much practice this guy has done to reach this level..
Adam XG
who came here after the best drummer video xD?
Imagine what Pipe Guy and Dario Rossi could create together.
Zander pLayZ
Teacher:whats your talent? Him:uhhhm...do you have pipes?
curt butler
Can we do a "where are they now" pipe guy addition
Antoine Pape
*Guy at **4:04** in the nackground is rly enjoying the music I guess* 🤣🤣🤣
Burgess Forge
The fact that he is using flip flops is amazing
Excuse me, WHAT!!! Files
Dodging Socks
Man with 1 thong. Did you loose a thong, no I found one
Gumbo Wumbo
Patrick: “are pipes an instrument” Squidward: “no Patrick pipes are not an ... Squidward: oh my god
This guy must be an expert at whack-a-mole
the sun glasses and carpet make the vid lol
Pete Mitchell
That's fuckin awesome 👊
skyler&janis&bells blue nose pitbull puppy
Skrillex just been replaced 😂😂
¡Que buena recomendación me hizo YouTube! :3
Lucas b
lol this guy just build an instrument he should be a millionaire .....
Jake Mahaney
Why does this remind me of Funky’s theme song from Donkey Kong Country?
The CMC Squad
Idiot: Wow, what are ya gonna do with a pair of things and pipes?? Awesome pipe guy: hold my beer mate
Alex Friend
David Guettas poor brother 😂
Tommy Robinson
His private schooling was put to good use! 🤣
Paul K
Girl: this isnt what I expected when you told me you could lay down the pipe
Jonathon Banister
That rug really tied everything together
J Griffin
Nice channel, I subscribed!
Troy Gardner
@4:40ish is a great compound beat @7:23 a 2 note octavish harmonic treat
Can you give me song list from this ? @Pipe Guy or someone?
Now that's  lot of time... and marijuana
Interested Bystander
... and Scotsmen think THEY are the ones who play the pipes!
Manuel Horvat
He's probably high af thats crazy how good that sounds damn
baked_potatou _
53 million views but only 266K subs - thats sad
Rob&Lani S
I love the mashup!
This sounds like it should be put in a final boss in a video game
drongo jonkins
As a plumber you make a great electrician
Yeon Omni
미쳣다 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 정말 세상은 넓구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
twisted bone
So how much weed u got in dat bag Btw dont be offended
KR Marianツ
nobody: nothing YouTube 2019: let's add pipe guy in recommandations
jose lusi
that kid that was dancing 😅😅 trying to steal attention he can't even dance
Im flabbergasted WOW
Screw Twisters
That slipper left a marking on his leg after this
*When you're a plumber that's also a hippie*
11k dislikers are the PLUMBERS who have been wrongly using pipes their whole life.😂😂
All dislikes are for the guy in the red shirt dancing.
Right in front of apple store and supermarket, well thought
If only I could like a thousand times
Jeff Hoon
If only he was blue. Then he might really have something. Good show Pipe Guy, good show.
Ethan Lawson
Who came here from the drum one