Secret love;; ● can't let go (Min Hyuk&Yoo Jung)

This is my second MV on this drama. This video is not so sad than previous one;))) Hope you like it ^_^

ssdlc 436
Their dramas Secret and Kill Me Heal Me are so good and I love them both, I really hope for a third collaboration soon they work really good together, and the song is really good anyone who hasn't watched this drama would never think this is a melodrama
I have watched so many dramas.... literally so so soooo many but Ji Sung is the first one to really steal my heart.... He is just so amazing....His personality, his acting, everything ♥ How lucky his wife is <3 Anyway.... Great video!! Loved it heaps! ♥ The scenes chosen, the great timing and the brilliant choice of song! Good job! ^^
I keep on coming back here!!!! What have u done to me?? XD I'm addicted!!
Zannah McWhirt
OMG their in Kill Me Heal Me together again...
This drama was so excellent - I mean I loved Kill Me, Heal Me (my favourite character was Shin Se-gi) - but this was just hauntingly good; I've bought the DVD so I can watch it over and over!! :)
girl sweet
I like this drama. I have watching this drama more than 4 time. They are now in Kill me Heal me.  So perfect.
Rafath Fathima
This MV is So freaking awesome :') 
Sara D
and I can't let go of this drama
TakotoNC / K-POP Nightcore
amazing drama! <3
Why is this song so fitting???? I love this!! Great job!!!!
viviana maribel nejer medina
uuuyyy ji sung tiene doramas extraordinarios casi todos me los he visto este es uno de mis favoritos
Imane Amouna
i love this drama and now kill me heal me best drama ever so good
beautiful video!! Beautiful effects, beautiful music!! like!!!
Third time watching and loving this video.
Carolina Guerra
Yuni Atun
This drama from 2013 and now is Oct 2017 and this is one of the best and the saddest Korean drama I ever watching after Goblin 😍 The drama, the story, the plot, the characther, the act + the song, the lyric breaking my heart to pieces 😭 Can someone help me to recomend another drama like this?
Lamia KR
Cha Do Hyun + Oh Ri Jin ♥♥♥♥
laimtxias thao
this song is so fun to listen to and i love your choice of scenes <33
Ma Ry
Шикарное видео!
jannah mohammed
The chemistry between them is amazing I just love them ❤️
Super hermosísimo vídeo, este hombre me enamora, hacen una pareja lindísima!! muchas gracias.!
Seungri's Waffle shop Manager
I miss Ji Sung 😭 This amazing actor needs more dramas ASAP !
abeer m.o
so good i jast love it and it really good song make me dance^_^
Omg love the way you edited them do u know at the beginning of drama they are fighting but you showed them in a really cute love
me encanta como guiñe el ojo
Axel Blz
Top notch well done
Smaran Noor
Best drama ever
Rathna Sundaresan
Totally awesome i have no words to say i like both song & mv and its one of my best drama.☺☺.great job.
Bella Aniban
I need to rewatch this drama again.this is the best kdrama ever...❤👏
Feruz Shojanov
Amazing! Still watching in 2018, I cant let go this drama from my heart!!!
Mayumi Kazumi
one of the best k-dramas....i love both ....the perfect Main actor couple 😃😄
Cute video! Much more lighthearted than any other I've seen (or made lol) for this drama.
Omg I love faydee's songs and this couple😍😍
Alexis Hom
Дорама , Секрет Secret (2013)
Tina linda
J'ai adoré. Superbe drama. Amazing ! Great cast ! I have to see kill me heal me, now !
so ji Sub
who is that man with the hero from 1:30 to 1:35.he is handsome your mv and the song.gonna watch the drama coz of you.
Tyseer Omer
As much I love this drama and I missed it so much ur video is so awesome +_+
Ananya Jain
They're so perfect!!!
Саада Ибрагимовна
Классный клип . Ты молодец , продолжай в том-же духе 👍😊👌👏
Prudence Y
faydeeeee omg I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH 😍
Shalika Rajendran
this drama made me cry alot
last dream
My favorite drama ❤❤
Pholi Shongwe
I must see this drama. I loved him in kill me heal me in fact I watched it twice
Superbe vidéo 👍😏
다 건세이사오 모라이스아니시아
It's good for such a drama with a lot of bad things happening it's good that you've collected all the good things that they've been through together they are my favorite couple ~♡ (so atractive thought 😆💗) and part of the story.
lama &
اسم المسلسل السر sakert
l love you❤
Ana Khan
I adore it.. 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Tai Anh hdmt la tuyet nhat
Phim hay wa nhug ko bt ten tiec that
everyone in the Kdrama community has for sure watched this drama
andree b.c
woow drama soo^perfect
Maral Tohtarbaeva
Супер актер. Чжи Сон просто солнышко. А талантище какое, восхищаюсь. Только ради него сьезжу в Корею.😘😘😘
ي جماااال المسلسل للحين اتذكرت واتذكر الغبنه اللي فيه ي رباااااااااااه
Debbie Harrynauth
Keep coming back
Scarleth Azuara
Clementine R
Editing on fleek
Esma Kurt
Kill me heal me deki kişiler değil mi ???
I Love This
Sunshine M
best couple in Kdrama
hawa hawaschk
i love this drama
Lady Joujou
i'm a forever fan for this couple
Tosku free
I can't let go 😘😘
Bailabi Gunda
Perfect couples ❤️❤️❤️
Burcu Demirhan
wooov!! very very beatiful....
Kpop_ Saran
Woo its so so good
Tulips Pretty
done watching this.. then watch it again and again.. ❤❤
Jessica Roby
I have seen the Turkish version of this drama... Meryem. And absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to watch Secret!!!
Derya Yavuz
Ainura Turar
Andres Ponce
Ritmo increíble, sólo la escuché una vez y no puedo dejar de escucharlo
Roya Soltanova
Bu cutlukcox yarasir
さうたさ 里田まい歌里田まい歌 ー 里田まい歌[email protected]@
Haishi Min ho
They are really match.
love chanyeol.jungkook
Best couples 4 ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ازدهار تيسير
i watch this drama 5 time and evry time like the first time i watch it
Supriya Dhara
And I can't let go of this drama. 😍😍😍😍
Wilma Caceres
Está linda la canción
Vesna Grcic
At my opinion-The best korean drama,for now.I didn't find anything similiar but I would like something like this!
Amy Griffith
Secret love is the name of the drama? Now I have another one to find so I can watch it. Excellent video.
Maressa Oliveira
GOD!!!!! I love this song, the clips you used, and the editing! *claps uncontrollably*
Ioana Mititelu
He's perfect . I'm so in love with him 😍😍😍
Janae Huet
Literally can't stop watching this!!!
My favorite 2nd kdrama
Fay Al
Lipika Das
so addicted wid this video >___<
what are you
Princess Jamilah
love this drama
Roxana Campos
Me encanta esta pareja.. en los dos doramas se les ha visto una química super buena!!
Thais bouvier
esse dorama é de mais ❤
Polaris X
Secret Love with Ji Sung... Join in Viki.
oooooo really, so that's what that called!!!
zara dina
Secret love
I like how he's strutting around avoiding the females xD 1:27
Katharina Schmorgun
♥ love this song
Priyantha Karunathilake
anger make you love❤❤❤❤❤