LeBron won’t win another title since Kawhi didn’t join him — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the legacies of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard on today's show. Hear why Skip thinks Kawhi’s decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers effectively ended LeBron’s championship possibilities. #Undisputed #NBA #LeBron #KawhiLeonard #Clippers #Lakers SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: /> ▶Watch our latest NFL content: />▶Watch our latest NBA content: />▶Watch our latest MLB content: /> ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: />▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: />▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: /> See more from UNDISPUTED: />Like UNDISPUTED on Facebook: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Twitter: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Instagram: /> Follow Skip Bayless on Twitter: />Follow Shannon Sharpe on Twitter: /> About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED: UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. LeBron won’t win another title since Kawhi didn’t join him — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED /> Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
LEBRON or KAWHI — Who wins another title first?
Nonya Bizz
Wasn’t skip just saying Kawhi wasn’t that good a month ago? Lmao okay skip
Dwain Frett
Now they are saying Kawhi isn't special because he only has finals mvps and no regular season mvps but they were saying Steph isn't great because he has 2mvps but no finals mvp 🤔
Truly Makel
*Countdown begins* ..Skip is gonna slowly, but surely become a Kawhi Leonard fan again ..
Joseph Hardmon
I damn near fell out when Skip said “holla at his boy”🤣
Nelson's Rudolph
If Kwhai wasn't injured and beat the Warriors the 2 previous years this would be a different conversation.
Daddy Thanos
That title is fake news. Skip would never call Kawhi by his name anymore.
Akeem Love
What If Lebron Went From 3-6 “ Which He Is Right Now “ To 6-6 . - Skip Bayless . 😂😂😂
T1400 And 1
I believe Kawhi Leonard much rather have Finals mvp over regular season mvp
Jeremi Lewis
If Kawhi gets another ring with the Clippers and another finals MVP i think he becomes his own legend
Francis_ Sy
Really waiting for the next season of game of zones, this whole Kawhi recruiting will be really funny! 😂
Cody Havard
I swear people be forgetting how cold AD really is
Jamaal Villa
load management and warriors injures made khwai the best player lol!! I respect champions but legends live forever!!
Student Africa
Shannon needs to quit man. Before his boy LeBron has to help him remove all the " feet " from his mouth b 😂 in the next few years. LeBron made his legacy and had his chances as the goat on the Cleveland & Miami train's. Compared to Kawhi he's Done! Cooked!!! 💯
Don’t eat Toenails
Shannon is dumb and so bias 💯 man really think a season mvp holds the same value as a championship
Yrn Trenton2
People will do anything to downgrades someone's accomplishments.
Young Blood
I’m coming back to this vid after June 2020
Pablo Morataya
Skip "LeBron will never win a finals" Next Year Skip "LeBron needed Rondos help to win that ring! He's the real MVP!"
IF lebron don't win in L.A..... his Legacy will DEFINITELY be impacted!! WTF U TALKING bout?
Mister El
Hey Shannon, why doesnt #2 get grief and Lebron does. Well, 2 superstars on a team doesnt make a superteam. 3 DOES!!! Heat and Warriors.......SUPERTEAMS!!
Arnell Pearson
“Even tho he did holla at his boy” - Skip bay less 2019
5:16 The whitest “Holla atcha Boy” You will ever hear.
Jarrett Shaw
'There is one Micheal Jordan and he is running Charlotte" Running it into the ground.
B. Chandler
If Skip thought LeBron was trash he would pay him no attention. People who feel threatened by someone talk about them constantly. LeBron butters Skip's bread.
Link of Arcane Entertainment
LeBron's legacy will be unimpacted... I love it. Is unimpacted a word? I guess that's like undisputed.
Awww... You see... It's not your turn yet... UNCLE SHARP
David Gilmour
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?
Johnny Le
Skip in case u forgot. Jalen say 99% lebron will win a championship in next two years haha
Jeffery Brown
with Kawhi and George Paul, Doc Rivers got a master plan. I believe that Doc can control tempo whether slow or fast. And defense and depth, makes that a possible scenario. . .
hayzus bari
The best way to watch this is to not take it seriously. Then you’ll realize how dumb they sound 😂
Eric Camacho
Stop messing with Shannon he to real skip picked the right 1 to play with all he does is Shannon Smash hulk status😂😂😂😂💯💯
Gene Gu
Skip's pecking order of hate: 1. Lebron 2. #2
Shannon man, what is wrong with that Kawhi joined Clippers! You did not have enough of LePiaf, man??? Come on, man, get serious.
OMG "without regular season MVP'" :)))))))))))))))))))) What is your problem Shannon? Go cry round or two, and you`ll be better tomorrow ;) What did you want of Lakers? LePiaf, AD, Kawhi...boy, enough with that super duper teams, play like a man - against each others - best vs best!!!
Shannon know this eras mvps are tainted and a popularity contest.No objectivity as usual when it comes to the fake king.
Dwayne P
Leshannon - Did he retire??? Playahaterskip - huh Leshannon - Did he retire? Playahaterskip - Look like he did last year 😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Quaye
Are we really saying Kawhi is now better than Lebron?
Sam Nelson
Number 2 don't bag he won this year. Everyone else wants him.
nabil chowdhury
Dude, D Wade never won an MVP and he’s a pantheon player. Granted he came close twice
lol shannon spoke for 20 seconds then skip was like is it my turn
Ez Ryder
So thankful for Kawhi's decision. It would have hurt the NBA if he joined the Lakers. That would have been worse than the dominance of GS with KD. SOOOOO much talent and now we have 6-8 great teams instead of one super, super team. Thank you Kawhi.
Watts Raider
AD Healthy is a 20 and 10 Guy. Don't sleep on that man. Cousins healthy would really have a massive impact.
Skip: "There is only one michael jordan and he's running charlotte now ... Barely" Shannon: "Into the ground"
Lebron and the Lakers can very well stand a chance to be in next years finals, and or win the chip...this is all crazy talk...like how much more do you need?
Veli Bedford
Everytime I hear Skip say "Number 2" it reminds me of those old 2k games when they just called you by your jersey number lol
Jerry Long
Warriors 3 peat if kd healthy idc idc
AksAbh Something
So LeBron can't win without Kawhi because he has PG? Well isn't he with AD?
Hey Shannon man regular season is just a practice game only for kawhi.
Alan Bustillo
So I guess this means skip hates LBJ more than Kawhi (#2)😂🤣
Lil Dagga
I give it till January until the “no help” narrative starts
Nathan Canady
Respect bossman
This is a horrible take from both side. Shannon is very bias and skip is very delusional. Horrible take period
Terrance Mitchell
Damn Shannon; I hope you get this but tell us how does Lebron's a... taste?
Oluwaseyi Abiola
I respect Kawhi's gut to play against Lebron rather than joining him.
Jeffrey Li
Skips hate for Kawhi vs Skips hate for Lebron
Ba Hashem Yeshua
Shannon has flipped on Kawhi since he dissed LeBron and possibly prevent him from a 4th ring....
Leonard is in the top 10 and Kenton started this bs that’s going on so I don’t believe Lebrun on that mount rush more you have to give it to Leonard
dass lass
Skip I heard the whole story about your highschool career Jalen Rose was completely out of line but this is why you averaged 1.7 points
Dboy D
Reg season mvps dnt matter whats more valuable reg or finals mvp??
Clippers will NOT be Champs this year. Overrated.
Vandercus Dimachaeri
Shae made a better argument to open. Skip can't win in this topic. He doesn't like Bron or #2 so he's disqualified period.
Raheem Griggs
Skip is the biggest lebron hater in the world 😭😭😭😭
Didn't Skip say Kawhi can't lead a team to a championship before the season started?
Juan Martinez
Skip you got it be smoking, Lebron will win before Kawhi.
Everett Simmons
Y’all think these dudes on LBJ level keep that same energy when the season start everybody teamed up it’s basically even sorry for KD he sapose to be in this mix yr 17 remember it 🤴🏿
pan af
Shannon need to lay off the Hennessy, if Kawhi gets a third chip with any MVP finals or season he will be on the same level as LeBron far as legacy . MVP without a championship is torn legacy hot the other way around
Jason Tan
there’s no such thing as Jordan apologists because he was his own biggest critique. But he sure made many teams sorry when he charged the Bulls dynasty throughout the 90s
Magnus Amasiatu
They are switching again🤦🏾‍♂️. Skip is on kawhis side once again and Shannon is against him AGAIN😂
Alberto De la cruz
People acting like kawhi beat hot sixers n bucks and a healthy warriors
Joseph Austin
He's not gonna win another title. He's an all time great just too many failures in the finals
Yakuza XXI
Idgaf about regular season. Only post-season matter.
Michael Ojo
Skip is going to get to James at the slightest opportunity. He is a pathological LeBron hater.
Huegene Francis
Skip A D and LeBron will go Champ. Sure make the play off with s chanse to meet Golden State and Clippers ,don't b going down on Lebron...
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Isola: “99% kawhi re signs with Toronto”
Kemonni Poitier
Kawhi seriously don’t gaf about a mvp bruh just won a ring and finals mvp
M Sizzle
Where’s my girl, Jenny?
LeeTravius Mckay
If LeBron doesn't win a title with the Lakers his legacy will be impacted
Imer Izbul
Like lebron didn't bring in AD after he failed last season, come on shannon, tell us how lebrons balls taste like?
Me First
skip....are the spurs relevant??
Christian Pe
I'm so tired of Skip. Please retire already so we can get someone else that doesn't speak such nonsense.
I usually agree with Shannon but regular season mvp’s are overrated. is the nba about the regular season or trying to win a championship
friendly foe
hmm, hm, hmm, hmm, hmmm, hm, hmmmmmmm - is it my turn? LEBRONS A TRASH, KAWHI A NOBODY. BUT JORDAN THO
The best option for both guys would have been to stay in east. They will not add much to there legacy in the west. It’s not good approach for either guys. They will have hard time winning.
Kenneth Petovic
Joel Mcbride
If #2 wins in a chip on la before bron. It will definitely impact.
49 Lakers
How would the Lakers be in the clippers situation if they didn’t land kawhi and we have AD? 🤔
MWJ '90
Haha this show is sooo much better than First Take!! I love these guys 💪🏿
Every time I see Shannon Sharpe. I imagine LeBron getting a strap on ready for him 😂
Romeo Aninkora
If LeBron wins with this lakers team, do we count his ring
Niko Gambino
According to Shannon sharp’s logic. Jordan is the GOAT. LeBron only has 4 MVP’s
Joel Crybaby Embiid
SAS:You're wrong and heres why.
Kelly Huffaker
Just a friendly reminder that EVERY team in the league is rebuilding in order to take out the true, undefeated Finals GOAT....Patrick McCaw!
Wow Shannon really salty now he tryna act like Kawhi not a top 3 player cus of regular season mvp's smh
HUMBLEDJJerry Charles
Sharp goes too hard for Lebron. Smh
Jason T
skip just remind me how many players avereged more than 20 ppg in jordans era? the numbers just dont reflect on it. in todays game there are many more lets call them superstars than in jordans era. even if you put one on each team there will be many teams with a pair of them.
Kenneth Hinds
Skip Bayless holla at your boy comment got me dying!
What is Skips Good Buddies Rob Parker said 10 years ago did Tom Brady will never win another Superbowl enough said
Dumble Doff
Kawhi has only one less chip than Lebron now. After this season, they’ll be even...
Joel Hamilton
That coming from the same guy that said he'd never win a championship
Anthony Frazier
Skip and Barkley is on Jordan's payrolls along with some referees, players, and coaches. Jordan is competitive off the court as well.